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Bike Park Großglockner Resort

Opening times cable car Großglockner Resort Kals Matrei 2018:

The cable car Kals is from 24.06.2018 till 23.09.2018 daily opened.
The cable car Matrei is from 24.06.2018 till 09.09.2018 daily opened.

Price cable railway Kals for biker included bike transport:

Morning ticket adult: € 22,00
Morning ticket kid: € 11,00
Afternoon ticket adult: € 24,00
Afternoon ticket kid: € 12,00
Daily ticket adult: € 29,00
Daily ticket kid: € 14,50
5 days in the season adult: € 102,00
5 days in der season kid: € 51,00
10 days in the season adult: € 198,00
10 days in der season kid: € 99,00

Gornerwald Trail

Guests can tackle the ascent at ease via the gondola lift and then wholly concentrate on the challenging downhill sections during the day. Try not to be distracted by the views to the Großglockner. The first section of the single trail is very difficult and is only recommended for experienced riders. The second section (end of the forest, as soon as you come to the farm road) is easy to negotiate. The trail starts at the intermediate station for GG-Resort Bergbahnen at1960 m. The destination is Großdorf at 1260m with the overall length of the route being 4.76 km.

(c) bikeboard / Ronald Kalchhauser
(c) bikeboard / Ronald Kalchhauser

See the Gornerwald Trail at the interactive map Osttirol:

Gornerwald Trail Kals

Route end: Kals am Großglockner

Meter up:
Route length:

Adler Trail

The Adler Trail is being completed and will be ready for the 2018 summer season when the gondola lift opens.

The single trail starts at the mountain station for Kals Gondelbahn on the Cimaross. From there you get to enjoy a superb panoramic view to more than 60 mountains which are above 3000m. The single trail which is around 3.7 km in length and which flows well, proceeds right through the natural surroundings which features Alpine roses and arnica. The Großglockner massif is always in your line of sight. The 420 metres altitude into the valley is covered via approximately 60 steep bends and there are numerous little jumps, waves and troughs to suit all abilities. A particularly successful, natural single trail, aimed at the experienced cycling family. The end station is the intermediate station for the gondola lift.

(c) bikeboard / Ronald Kalchhauser
(c) bikeboard / Ronald Kalchhauser
(c) bikeboard / Ronald Kalchhauser

See the Adler Trail on the interactive map Osttirol:


Wird in Kürze fertig gestellt!

Route start: cimaroß

Route end: Mittelstation Bergbahn Kals

Route length:

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