Culinary highlights of Osttirol

Local specialities - pristine and delicious

Osttiroler mountain lamb

With its alpine climate and the large alpine pastures, Osttirol has always been a traditional area for sheep farming. Sheep farming is a centuries-old tradition here. There are about 10,000 sheep that spend the summer on the Osttirol pastures up to 3,000 meters altitude. Being perfectly suited for grazing, the lush alpine pastures in the mountains have made Osttirol one of the Austrian regions where most sheep are kept. The good quality of the Osttirol mountain lams is characterized mainly by the crossing of the domestic sheep breeds "Tiroler Bergschaf" (Tyrolean mountain sheep) and the particularly robust "Tiroler Steinschaf" (Tyrolean rock sheep) with breeds that are focused more on producing meat. Thanks to the herb-covered meadows of the high alpine pastures of Osttirol, the meat of a mountain lamb gets its very own, hearty taste. It is aromatic, low in fat and rich in protein and vital substances.

“Oskar” - the Osttirol potato variety

Due to its landscape and climate, Osttirol is perfect for potato growing: Thanks to the well-ventilated, almost sandy soil and the alternatingly warm summers and cold winters, the savoury taste of nature accumulates in the tuber. The climate also prevents the proliferation of potato pests and thus makes the district a “healthy area". The variety "Oskar" is very aromatic, has a hearty flavour and provides dishes with a very special touch.


Due to this special potato and the Osttiroler Berglamm (mountain lamb), Osttirol is part of the selected regions among the Genussregion Österreichs (Austrian regions that provide special culinary highlights).

‘Genusswirte’ Osttirol

The ‘Genuss Wirte’ represent a fundamental part of the ‘GENUSS REGION ÖSTERREICH’ initiative, which focuses attention on regional specialities in particular. The two ‘Genussregionen’ products ‘Osttirol mountain lamb’ and ‘Osttirol potatoes’ provide an ideal starting position for this. Specialities from our Genusswirte in Osttirol ensure a special culinary experience and, what’s more, your consumption also actively contributes to maintaining a variety-packed agriculture and healthy rural regions. Food and the cultural landscape are inseparable and give regions their own special character, something which can also be found on the menus of the Genuss Wirte.

The Osttirol pleasure farmers

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