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Heinfels has about thousand inhabitants and is situated at 1.078 m sea level in Osttirol. Heinfels Castle sits enthroned just above the town and piques your curiosity about Heinfels itself, its history and what it is like today. In Heinfels castle we have extremely striking landmark, which, even in the 13th century, not in its current form of course, had such an influence on the overall aspect of the town. The view which the castle offers down and up the River Drau and also to nearby Tyrol’s Gailtal, is just divine. Anything else would be an understatement. The history of Heinfels, how it came to look as it does and how it developed to the stage we find it at today, is quite eventful. The Slavs and the Avars invaded in the 6th and 7th century. “Tessenperch” was first mentioned in writing in 1266, describing Tessenberg. In turn, the name of Heinfels originated, as would seem natural, from Heinfels Castle. 

In 1974, by amalgamating the towns of Panzendorf and Tessenberg, the town of Heinfels was unveiled. Heinfels itself is located in a relatively narrow valley; it is quite evident here that the River Drau persevered over time to create a wider valley. Yet in Heinfels you feel neither confined nor constrained, rather the mountains all around have a protective effect. The highest elevation in the area is the Glinzzipf in the Villgrater mountains, at 2126 metres. Yet the Hollbrucker Eck at 2573 metres seems to be within touching distance.


In addition to the already mentioned, exceptionally impressive, history-charged Heinfels Castle, there are also other special sights in the district and these recount the area’s history. There are a variety of sacred buildings here; one special gem is the “Punbrugge” road bridge, which recounts times past. The predecessor construction of this bridge dates back to 1548; the bridge which you see there today was constructed in 1781 by Swabian carpenters. Saint Johannes Nepomuk graces the centre of this bridge, which is actually not really used today, but you definitely ought to cross it.

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The interim improvement is history again. New weather fronts are now dominating our weather patterns. We are already starting Corpus Christi Day with denser clouds and widespread rain in the morning. In many places, it even rains heavily for a while. In the course of the afternoon, the weather will calm down again, it will clear up and the sun will come through in places.

forecast for Wednesday, 29.05.2024
4°C / 20°C
precipitation: 20 %
Wind: calm
18°C / 19°C
precipitation: 20 %
Wind: calm
forecast for Thursday, 30.05.2024
11°C / 12°C
precipitation: 95 %
Wind: calm
forecast for Friday, 31.05.2024
8°C / 11°C
precipitation: 80 %
Wind: calm

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