The Lesachtal Valley and the Tyrolean Gailtal Valley

Incomparable nature and health resort

Nestled between the Lienz Dolomites and the Gailtal Alps in the north and the Carnic Alps in the south, the villages of Kartitsch 1,356 m, Obertilliach 1,450 m and Untertilliach 1,235 m in the Tyrolean Gail- and Lesachtal Valley in the sunny south of Osttirol have been selected by the Austrian Alpine Club as mountaineering villages. Geographically, the Lesachtal extends further into Carinthia, where it also includes the municipality of Lesachtal.


The valley is characterised by the daily work of hardworking farmers whose even today still great efforts and sometimes hard physical work provide for an incomparable and harmonious recreational landscape. Amidst the unique mountain panorama of the Dolomites and the Carnic Alps in Osttirol lies the small idyllic alpine village of Obertilliach. The townscape of Obertilliach is characterised by many, often hundreds of years old, traditional farmhouses, which is also one of the reasons why the centre of the dreamy alpine village, also known as the “timber village", is a listed monument.

In the alpine village of Kartitsch, countless hiking trails with fantastic mountain backdrops invite you to experience the mountains of Osttirol. The meadows covered with haystacks and the calm and cool forests also show Kartitsch at its best in summer. The authentic mountain village is the ideal starting point for winter hikes in the cold season and since 2018 has been Austria’s first winter hiking village. Located in one of the most beautiful high valleys in the Alps, the idyllic mountaineering village of Kartitsch at 1,356 m above sea level in the Gailtal Valley of Osttirol fulfils the longing for natural winter experiences.  


The small mountain village of Untertilliach with its sunny hamlets offers all those seeking tranquillity an ideal retreat for a relaxing holiday. In the east, the community borders on the Carinthian Lesachtal Valley and is only a stone's throw away from the famous pilgrimage church in Maria Luggau.

In addition to its landscape, the municipality of Lesachtal offers rural culture, living tradition and warm hospitality. Anyone who spends a vacation in the municipality of Lesachtal automatically comes into contact with interesting, down-to-earth people and authentic experiences. All this makes the region a very special destination for active, relaxing vacationers - in every season!

Places in Lesachtal and Tiroler Gailtal


At 1450 meters above sea level, Obertilliach is the highest location in the Lesachtal Valley.


In the Tyrolean Lesachtal, agriculture has still not lost its importance. 


Well sheltered between the foothills of the Lienz Dolomites in the north and the...


A paradise for hikers, pleasure seekers and nature lovers.


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