At 1450 meters above sea level, Obertilliach is the highest location in the East Tyrolean Lesachtal Valley. Here you can enjoy lovely landscapes and warm alpine meadows with rugged limestone cliffs and wooded ridges. The municipality is also favoured climatically. Due to the weather influences from the south, Obertilliach  enjoys mediterranean flair especially during the summer months.


Obertilliach is as unique as its night watchman, who watches over the idyllic village and its inhabitants as soon as the day comes to an end. This night watchman is unique because he is the only Austrian member of the Night and Watchman Guild of Europe. There is no mass tourism in the Tyrolean Lesachtal Valley.

Next to close-to-nature tourism and recreational opportunities, especially Obertilliach focuses on a sound balance of local citizens and the number of visitors. That is also one reason why the town is part of the "Austrian Mountaineering Villages" - in other words, part of those places that pursue sustainable and near-natural tourism. The centre of this cluster village is listed. Here tourism and agriculture harmonize side by side, here hotels are lined with farms.


In the Lesachtal valley, agriculture has not lost its importance. To a large extent, the beautiful landscapes and the unique appearance of this valley are still maintained by the farmers. This pays off, as the high valley has always been one of the most beautiful in Europe and was voted "Landscape of the Year" by the International Friends of Nature, as well as the "Environmentally friendliest valley in Europe" by the European press. Here, natural and sustainable tourism is lived and experienced, hospitableness comes from deep in the heart of this valley.

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Obertilliach in summer

The Gailtal High Route and the Carnic High Route pass right by Obertilliach and offer many varied tours, which can also be easily completed as daytime stages. Obertilliach provides a wide range of worthwhile destinations to choose from, such as the many rustic mountain lodges high above the valley. A special highlight is hiking and skiing area Golzentipp, both in winter and in summer. In the immediate vicinity of the mountain station, the children's mile with its numerous play stations, which are spread along the family-friendly hiking trail to the reservoir, makes children's hearts beat faster. Numerous opportunities are also offered for cycling fans. In order to tackle one of the varied bike tours, bicycles and e-bikes are available at the local bicycle rental. For paragliders, especially the favourable thermal lifts around the Golzentipp area allow for gliding through the air high above the lonely nature.

Winter in Obertilliach

The cross-country and biathlon centre of Obertilliach is not only a training ground for the world's best cross-country skiers and biathletes, but also a must for every amateur athlete. Modern snowmaking systems ensure optimal conditions throughout the winter. In the cross-country skiing centre, you can even get a rifle yourself and try your hand at biathlon. For more leisurely encounters with nature - without rifles, but still on cross-country skis - the varied trail network in and around Obertilliach is perfect. The Golzentipp ski area is particularly popular among families - thanks to its convenient size, orientation is easy, so young and old can devote themselves to the fun of two boards. Winter in Obertilliach is generally as picturesque as the village itself all year round. The snowy landscapes and the wild and romantic forests just wait to be explored. This can be done, for example, within the course a ski tour or snowshoe hike.

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Weather and Webcam in Obertilliach

forecast for Friday, 14.02.2020


-2 °C
fair weather: 50%
frost line: 1100m


-1 °C
fair weather: 70%
frost line: 1300m
forecast for Saturday, 15.02.2020
6 °C
fair weather: 90%
frost line: 2700m
forecast for Sunday, 16.02.2020
11 °C
fair weather: 100%
frost line: 3200m

The weather conditions are barely changing at the moment; cool and moist air masses are dominating our weather. After a pretty cloudy start, we will have a mix of brighter spells and cloud throughout the day. It will, however, remain dry.


February 2020 still seems to be sympathizing more with spring than with winter! A warm strong area of high pressure is developing over the Alps!

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