Obertilliacher Bergbahnen

A family-friendly skiing area - sunny and wide-ranging

One only needs three words to suitably describe the family ski resort Golzentipp in Obertilliach; family-friendly, sunny and multifaceted.


The Golzentipp-Obertilliach ski resort is a true paradise especially for families. The two tow lifts situated right by the village are excellently suited to venturing one’s first steps on the snow. Every beginner, whether a child or adult, will discover their enjoyment of skiing here and will soon want to venture further. And this ski resort has a couple of other advantages worth mentioning. The ski resort has a snow cannon system that is capable, if necessary, of supporting nature. The lift tariffs are moderate and a far cry from the astronomical sums in the major ski resorts. All of this ensures a pleasant start to your skiing day.

New in winter 2021/22:

Children's land at the Himbeergoll lift in Obertilliach. A large access arch forms the entrance to the new children's adventure area with a wave run, row of jumps, figures as curve pointers, and much more.

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Opening times and pricelist ski areas

lifts and slopes - Obertilliacher Bergbahnen

opening hours: 09:00 - 16:00 Uhr
last snowfall: 16.10.2021
lifts (0 / 5)
🌩 Bloaslift
🎊 GD 10 Golzentippbahn
🌩 Glamplift
🌩 Himbeergollift
🌩 Stubenlift
slopes (0 / 9)
1 Dorfabfahrt leicht
1 Dorfabfahrt mittel
10 Schiweg Ralsabfahrt-Seilbahn
11 Skipiste
3 Skipiste
4 Skipiste
5 Skipiste
6 Skipiste
9 Ralsabfahrt

FACTS about the Obertilliach-Golzentipp family ski area:

Metres altitude: 1430 - 2250 metres
Pistes: 12.6 kilometres of pistes + 3 kilometres of ski routes
Piste surface area: 38 hectares
Ascent aids: 5 facilities (1 gondola, 4 T-bar lifts)
Total conveyance capacity: 3000 p/h


Opening times 2021/2022

23.12.2021 - 19.04.2022: daily in operation


Obertilliacher Bergbahnen
9942 Obertilliach

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