Tranquility and a feeling of getting back to essentials

With its villages Hopfgarten at 1,107 m above sea level, St. Jakob at 1,389 m above sea level and St. Veit at 1, 495 m above sea level, Defereggental Valley is one of the least populated areas in the Austrian Alps. This can be seen and felt in Defereggental at every turn, because the hustle and bustle and the big party life happen elsewhere. But this place provides something else, which rest and relaxation seekers will highly appreciate: peace, unspoiled nature and originality. You will hardly find another place in Osttirol that is more authentic and genuine.

Defereggental is located in the heart of Hohe Tauern National Park and is perfectly framed and surrounded by mountains of the Deferegger Mountains, the Rieserferner Group, the Lasörling Group and the Schober Group. In addition to the scenic attractions, this has essential and characterising consequences. The protection of Hohe Tauern National Park makes Defereggental Valley one of the most untouched high mountain valleys in the Alps.

Water paradise Defereggental

In Defereggen, a particularly originally preserved valley in the mountains of Osttirol, water shapes the unique alpine landscape. Alpine lakes, waterfalls, mountain rivers, glaciers, springs, bogs and even medicinal waters from the depths of the earth — a legacy of the ancient seas — they all vitalise the natural environment amid the Hohe Tauern National Park region.


Here, all drinking water is composed of nothing but the best spring water. The educational centre of Hohe Tauern National Park, the "House of Water", has its headquarters in the Defereggental Valley, and this is also where the Defereggen medicinal water comes from. Whether on the beautiful water adventure trail St. Jakob i. Def., on the spectacular waterfall path Stallerbach or on the water hiking trail Hopfgarten — there are unforgettable experiences on the water everywhere.

On many hikes, whether to Lake Obersee, to the spiritual aquatic site Pfauenauge, to the roaring Trojeralmbach or on a walk along River Schwarzach — you come across precious crystal-clear, refreshing, alpine waters everywhere.

Places in Defereggental


Only a few valleys are as rich in water treasures as Defereggen Valley in ...

St. Jakob i. D.

Only a few valleys are as rich in water treasures as Defereggental valley in ...

St. Veit Defereggental
St. Veit i. D.

Only a few valleys are as rich in water treasures as Defereggental valley in ...


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