The Gailtal altitude trail

Relaxing hiking trail

In the south of the Lienz Dolomites and in the west wings of the gailtal Alps, the Gailtal altitude trail proceeds thruogh impressive natural landscapes in the Gailtal and Lesachtal. Bounded in the North by the Pustertal and in the south by Tirol's Gailtal and Lesachtal, the Gailtal altitude trail is a gentle complement to the Peace trail (Carnic altitude trail 403) on the carnic ridge. The entire route of the Gailtal altitude trail is not difficult.

The route begins in St. Oswald near Kartitsch and proceeds via the Dorfberg up to the Golzentipp. Continue -after an overnight stay in the "Connyalm" above Obertilliach - via the Kofelspitz to the Gontrunsattel. You have a choice here, either procced in the valley to the Ochsengartenalm and up again to Gumpedall, or opt for the somewhat steeper climb to the Tamerlanhöhe and from there cross a few steeper gravel gullies to get there.

Another trail proceeds at the base of the Eggekofel massif, which has two distinct gravel gullies, across to Hals above the Kircher Almen and from there down to the Lotteralm. Emergency accommodation is available here, should it be too late for another stage to Tuffbad via the Guggenberger Sattel. Otherwise you can spend the night in Tuffbad.

On the further section of this scenic high-altitude trail, there are unfortunately only limited overnight accommodation options. On the Tscheltscher Alpe there is also emergency accommodation with two beds (in the old hut, which lies somewhat lower). Another six people can spend the night on the ground with their own sleeping bag. Hans Unterguggenberger from the Jöhrerhof in Tscheltsch is responsible for this (Tel. 0680/2323867). The next overnight accommodation is at the Gailberg Sattel (above Kötschach and Oberdrauburg).

The Gailtal altitude trail

48.75 km
altitude meters uphill
1240 hm

Stage suggestions

Section from Kartitsch (St. Oswald) to Gailbergsattel

Stage 1: St. Oswald (1.364m) over the Dorfberg (2.115m) to the Connyalm (2.070m):
↑1.240hm ↓130hm | Walking time: 5-6 hrs.


Stage 2: Connyalm (2.070m) via Ochsengarten (1.747m) to the Lotteralm (1.471m):
↑400hm ↓900hm | Walking time: 4,5-5 hrs.


Stage 3: Lotteralm (1.471m) via Samalmkreuz (1.992m) to the Tuffbad (1.262m):
↑540hm ↓700hm | Walking time: 3,5 hrs.

Stage 4: Tuffbad (1.262m) via Tscheltscher Alpe (2.052m) to the Schartenalm (1.523m):
↑1.020hm ↓765hm | Walking time: 6,5 - 7 Std.


Stage 5: Schartenalm (1.523m) via Mussen (2.038m) to the Gailberghöhe (971m):
↑515hm ↓1.070hm | Walking time: 4,5-5 hrs.

Book recommendation

The mountaineer Walter Mair has written a hiking guide over the Gailtaler Höhenweg  in the area of the Lesachtal and the Gailtal. In the 128 - page guide, Mair describes the altitude trail in three sections. The guide is available at the tourist office Sillian at the Price of  Euro 8,00 (inkl. shipping).

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