Venediger altitude trail

Long-distance hiking experience in the face of the Grossvenediger

The most important at a glance

55.7 km
altitude meters uphill
4040 m
altitude meters downhill
3930 m
total walking time
27 h
highest point
3078 m
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Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel:

Prägraten a.G. Ströden

Matrei i.O. Tauernhaus

Abstell möglichkeit:

Parkplatz Ströden


Parkplatz Matreier Tauernhaus

starting point:
Parcheggio Ströden / Prägraten
destination point:
Matreier Tauernhaus
best season:


Car park
Car park Sajat-/Stabanthütte
Car park Matreier Tauernhaus
Car park Ströden

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

5°C/41°F °C


Starting from Ströden car park in Hinterbichl/Prägraten a wide road heads to Maurertal and to the Stoanalm. The route then proceeds initially through larch and fir woodland along the Maurerbach. After Ochsnerhütte (2068 m) and in a zig-zag route via a former lateral moraine you reach Simonykees and the Essener-Rostocker Hütte. A little detour to Simonysee or to Rostocker Eck and its superb views is well worthwhile.

Continue through an area of moraines, in serpentines up to the Türmljoch. The descent proceeds via a steep, yet good trail to the oldest alpine inn in the Venediger area, Johannishütte. Built in 1857, it was extended and renovated in 1999. From there via gently undulating, grass-covered terrain you reach a little pool at „Wallischen Stoan“, where you can see Defregger Haus. Via a somewhat steeper trail you eventually get to the slopes of the Mullwitzaderl, on which Defregger Haus is situated. From here the shortest and most convenient ascent to the Großvenediger begins (3674 m). This tour should definitely be done with a mountain guide. Those of you who don‘t expect to make it to the summit should still make a detour to the access point at the wind gap. From there you get to enjoy a superb view to the Großvenediger, the Rainerhorn, the Schwarze Wand and to the glacier surfaces of the Mullwitz Kees and Rainer Kees which are lit up by the sun. The route from Defregger Haus to Eissee Hütte should only be tackled with a mountain guide.

Take the same route back to Johannishütte. The Sajat altitude trail proceeds there initially through lush green meadows, and later through rocky terrain to the Sajatscharte (2750 m). You need to have a head for heights and surefootedness for this route. The view on the wind gap is your reward – superb views into the distance. You can make out a little castle on the edge of the Sajatkar, Sajat Hütte. The Prägraten altitude trail via Sajat-Mähder to the Eissee Hütte in the Timmeltal stands out due to its wonderful panorama views and you can see lots of chamois and marmot here. From Eissee Hütte hike, more or less at the same altitude level, staying beneath the Große Hexenkopf, the Hohe Eichham and around the Wunspitze, via the Eselsrücken to Bonn-Matreier-Hütte. Continue via Galtenscharte to Badener Hütte. Because of the risk of falling stones, this section should only be tackled in dry conditions.

The descent from Badener-Hütte proceeds to Innergschlöss, the loveliest valley head in the Alps and continues out of the valley to Matrei‘s Tauernhaus.

Alternatively, you can continue on the route from Badener Hütte to the new Prager Hütte and to St. Pöltner Hütte.


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