The most important at a glance

altitude meters uphill
1285 m
highest point
2891 m
walking time uphill
5 h
6.6 km
starting point:
Außervillgraten / Niederbruggeralm (1.600 m)
destination point:
Regenstein (2.891 m)
best season:


Car park
Car park Reiterstube

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

5°C/41°F °C


Hike up the Regenstein

On the alpine road into the valley over the bridge at 1,623 metres, after about 250 metres nearby an alpine hut cross the stream to the right on the alpine path that leads to the Arnalmen. Follow it to the Unterarnalm at about 1,800 metres. Through open larch forest around the summer path, pass the Oberarnalm at approx. 1,960 metres to the tree line. Now in open terrain in the valley floor up to approx. 2,440 metres, where a ramp runs through the steep slope to the left. Follow it to the broad crest of the Mitterberg. Now flatter towards the north past the Kleiner Regenstein and steep again to the beginning of the channel that descends to the right of the summit (ski depot). Over this steep channel (key point) to the ridge and on it to the summit.


The Regenstein is not a distinct ski touring summit, but it is a challenge for experienced ski mountaineers. This shapely mountain with the unusual double cross should only be climbed in safe conditions. Due to the exposure to the south-east, an early departure is essential, then the fantastic firn slopes can also be enjoyed. The descent across the 40 ° steep summit channel is only recommended for very experienced skiers.

Do not go on the tour too late because of the lack of snow in spring.


Like ascent. With little snow in the forest area to the Oberarnalm difficult descent.




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