Hinterer Seekopf 3.234m

The most important at a glance

altitude meters uphill
1824 m
highest point
3234 m
walking time uphill
6 h
8.3 km
starting point:
Wallhorn / Prägraten
destination point:
best season:


Bus stop
Prägraten a. G. Wallhorn
Car park
Car park at chapel, Wallhorn

hut/alpine hut

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

21°C/70°F °C


The Seekopf mountains rank amongst the outstanding winter destinations in Timmeltal. The two inconspicuous clifftops can be scaled in their entirety via the not too steep slopes on skis, while on the neighbouring Weißspitze a crisp, often wind-swept summit slope awaits.

The starting point is Prägraten, just before the signpost for the town we follow the road to Wallhorn (1400 m). In the depths of winter it is not advisable to make the ascent by car via the toboggan run continuing to Bodenalm and there are also not many parking areas at the last farmstead. The best course of action is to proceed 100 metres further after the bend, which is why the ‘locals’ climb“ via the ‘Hazer Riese’ is recommended here. This takes a short cut via the toboggan run but is also steeper. This ascent starts at the chapel in Wallhorn (1401 m, car parking available), uses the summer trail (route signposts for Bodenalm) and after a few steep hairpins and bends reaches the forest terrain at Grieser Alm. At an iron gate we once again come to the trail after a short pasture section. A short cut continuing through the forest takes us to the picture-perfect Bodenalm lodge (1948 m). At the end of the trail route signposts take us along the summer trail into Timmeltal. An icy river is to be crossed with care, before south-facing slopes take us to a wooden cross. In a crossing which descends slightly we now head down into the bottom of the valley and walk via the base. Eisseehütte (2500 m) can be seen from a long way off as we make our way via a system of gullies and troughs to the left (west side) of the river to the lodge. The route continues, proceeding east now up to the moraine ridge and at 2700 m descends slightly in a small high mountain valley. The ski track swings to the east here to the moderately steep slopes beneath the Seekopfscharte. We do not tackle this but at around 2900 m head northwards into the wind gap between both of the Seekopf mountains, which we get to via a short steep slope (SW, 30°). From here the route to the Vordere (3282 m) and Hintere Seekopf (3234 m) does not present any problems. 5 - 6 hours from the valley; descent along the ascent tracks.

Additional ski tour tips can be obtained in the ski tour guides by Thomas Mariacher. These are available here: http://www.grafikzloebl.at/verlag/buecher/


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