Glockner Crown

Hike the Jewels at the Southpart of the Großglockner in six stages.

The most important at a glance

65.6 km
altitude meters uphill
3737 m
altitude meters downhill
3408 m
total walking time
31 h
highest point
2834 m
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* * * * *
public transport:

Bus line 952, bus stop Kals/Gemeindeamt or Kals/Großdorf


Parking center of Kals/Ködnitz or parking of the cablecar Kals/Großdorf

starting point:
destination point:
best season:
route typ:


Bus stop
Kals a. G. Großdorf
Car park
Car park Großdorf
Car park Kals centre
Car park Glanz 1.550m

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

5°C/41°F °C


Crown your long distance hiking desires, on this fabulous mountain ridge trail. In six daily stages you will be able to hike the approximately 60 Kilometers of the Glockner Crown, within the realm of the

King Großglockner. High alpine farmland and the famous peaks of the Hohe Tauern National Park set the stage. You'll discover Edelweiss Meadow and the nature power spot Spinevitrol, as well as spacious grazing pastures along your way. Providing you with a sense of being in a Tibetan High Valley.

Crossing varying vegetation zones, from flower meadows, animal pastures and sparse areas, all the way to scree fields and glacier ice. Culinary delights and the special rustic vibe of our mountain huts await you. The five jewels of our Glockner Crown are the Sudetendeutsche Hütte, Kalser Tauernhaus, Lucknerhütte, Glorerhütte and the Alpen Inn Glödis Refugium.

They are individually reachable, as the final destination of your daily stages and offer you a place for rest and regeneration. Also part of the high mountain Glockner Crown Trail are the Äußere Steiner Alm, Bergeralm, Stüdlhütte and the Salmhütte, where you can stop for refreshments. The Kals-Matreier-Törl Haus or the Adler Lounge will be along your trail, should you decide to have Kals a.G. as your starting point. FYI: You have the opportunity for day hiking every segment of the trail, as you can enter and exit the trail at the end of each daily stage.


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