Adlerweg trail. Stage 4: Bonn-Matreier Hütte – Badener Hütte

The most important at a glance

10 km
altitude meters uphill
651 m
altitude meters downhill
791 m
total walking time
5 h
highest point
2870 m

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starting point:
destination point:
Badener Hütte
best season:

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions


18°C/64°F °C


A section above Bonn-Matreier Hütte (around 8-10 minutes’ walk), at the signposts the route branches off to the right. Proceed across a stony mountain trough and finally get to the rugged buttes of the Kälberscharte (2791 metres). On both side of the wind gap a staircase and steel cables make the crossing into Kleine Niltal easier, which means you can even tackle the ascent to the higher Galtenscharte relatively problem-free. There is now a steep, challenging descent down to Mailfroßnitzbach, although you have to make up for this 600 metres altitude later on. The upper section of the route is secured with steel cables, in the middle section a tough, steep snow field is there to tackle, often in the summer too. With a bit of luck and if the route is free of snow, you can proceed right along the trail. Further down the terrain becomes flatter, the descent ends at the bridge across the Mailfroßnitzbach. About 40 metres below the bridge the trail continues. High above Froßnitztal you now cross the green slopes of the Hohe Achsel from south to north and pass a section of the route which is variety-packed in terms of the scenery it offers. Short sections are secured with steel cables, and you pass numerous little streams. On the so-called shoulder there is a tarn covered in grass and sealed up by a moraine. The Venediger altitude trail links up with the valley trail here. Continue to ‘Badener Hütte’, where you cross moraines which line up closely behind one another and finally the bridge on the Froßnitzbach. There are a few ridges and troughs providing protection for the snow grouse. You eventually get to the lateral moraines of the Frosnitzkees, bear right here and continue hiking until you reach the destination for this hike, Badener Hütte (2608 metres) on the Großvenediger.


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