Adlerweg trail. Stage 5: Badener Hütte – Matreier Tauernhaus

The most important at a glance

14 km
altitude meters uphill
290 m
altitude meters downhill
1390 m
total walking time
5:30 h
highest point
2760 m
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* * * * *
starting point:
Badener Hütte
destination point:
Matreier Tauernhaus
best season:


Car park
Car park Matreier Tauernhaus 1.510m

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

7°C/45°F °C


From Badener Hütte (2608 metres, you hike initially via the Venediger altitude trail and the Adlerweg trail (which is also the Badener Weg here) heading north for around an hour up to the Löbbentörl (2770 metres). A few rock-strewn gullies and little gorges are secured with ropes. Across a short slope you ascend again to the Löbbentörl, where, protected by rocks, there is a cross and a commemorative plaque. From now on the route proceeds steeply uphill. The descent on the north side has short rope sections proceeding down to the rocky grassy ridge and settled snow down to the lateral moraine of the Schlatenkees. You continue to descend on this moraine. At the Untere Keesboden there is a crossing to Alten Prager Hütte (not open for business), where you can also take a detour and head to the fascinating glacier path ‘Innergschlöss’. The Venediger altitude trail passes Salzbodensee (2731 metres), in which the Hoher Zaun and Schwarze Wand are reflected. To the north of the glacier white Gschlössbaches a path bears sharply east. In the well-managed Venedigerhaus which is close to the glacier (1689 metres) you can have a lovely rest. Along Gschlössbach continue heading out of the valley, between the Alpine pastures from the Inner- and Außergschlöss there is an old rock chapel where you can pause for thought. A more secular stop-off at Berghaus Außergschlöss (1700 metres) is recommended. The valley now spreads out. From Gschlöss proceed down for around an hour, not even 200 metres to Matreier Tauernhaus (1512 metres), where, after the long, demanding descents of this stage will presumably be a bit easier on your knees. Enjoy a rest here, some delicious regional foods and enjoy a comfortable overnight stay.


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