Adlerweg trail. Stage 7: Sudetendeutsche Hütte – Kalser Tauernhaus

The most important at a glance

8 km
altitude meters uphill
209 m
altitude meters downhill
1107 m
total walking time
4 h
highest point
2820 m
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* * * * *
starting point:
Sudetendeutsche Hütte
destination point:
Kalser Tauernhaus

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

5°C/41°F °C


From Sudetendeutschen Hütte hike past the memorial cross and a little mountain lake which is close to the lodge via a grassy ridge and mossy trough up to the outlet area of the Gradötzkees, where a lake has built up and impressive moraines characterise the landscape. You finally get to Gradötzsattel (2826 metres), then head down to the Bloipalfen (2684 metres). Continue downhill afterwards via a section of pastureland and gorge-like rock formations. At some 2500 metres altitude the route branches off into Silesiaweg. It is a few minutes‘ walk on the rocky Muntanitzschneid, which provides wonderful views, staying on the Adlerweg trail, bearing right and finally reaching the Muntanitzbach, which is not so easy when there is considerable water flow to tackle – in particular the base. A section above the Ochsenalm area you walk around the ridge of the Muntanitzschneid. The route is very well developed here, in the lower section you walk on a small sharp bend and there is a rocky section. Continue down across the pasture slopes and head in a northerly direction through a small Swiss stone pine woodland. You eventually come to an information board at the bridge on the Stotzbach which the Loamesbach flows into. At the route signpost which is a bit further down opt for route 514 A, to Kalser Tauernhaus. Hike now on numerous narrow hairpin bends on the Wilhelm-Ernst trail between alders, ash trees and larch trees, zigzagging into the valley, past the National Park viewing turret, where a waterfall at the Stotzbach swirls down below to the depths via a trough shoulder created by glaciers from the Ice Age. Finally head to the Dorferbach, to the destination for this stage, the cosy Kalser Tauernhaus (1755 metres). Located in the lower section of the Dorfertal, just a short section beneath the point where the Stotzbach meets the Dorferbach.


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