Zettersfeld and Hochstein Lienz

Leisurely skiing with your family

Do you prefer it to be a bit more leisurely and would especially like to soak up the sun whilst skiing? Or have you brought the whole family on a winter holiday in Osttirol and are now looking for a family-friendly ski resort? If you answer “yes” to these questions, then the Zettersfeld ski resort in Lienz is the ski resort of your dreams. Sun lounges for catching the sun and an omnipresent Dolomites panorama that you will not forget easily accompany you during a skiing day at Zettersfeld.

Are you looking for a sports challenge? Hochstein is among the hot recommendations on the south side of the Alps. The further you go up this mountain, the more special and individual the skiing experience becomes. The Lienz local mountain has three sections and those who are among the true sportspeople in the Dolomites town are at home here. After the highly modern lift, a combination of an eight-seater cable car and a six-seater chairlift, you slow down in a charming retro two-seater chairlift and finally conquer the third section with the Hochstein tow lift, which takes you up to 1999 metres. Don’t worry, it is worth it! When you have arrived up on Hochstein, you are rewarded with one of the best and longest slopes in theAlps.

The authentic charm and the winter quality of life of the little town Lienz and its ski resorts are not achieved by most other ski resorts. Four toque-awarded gastronomic establishments in the town area alone, a concert hall, a premiere cinema and a perfect infrastructure are offered by the town as an additional advantage alongside winter sports. Those who have been here come back again.

FACTS about the Zettersfeld & Hochstein Lienz ski area:

Metres altitude: 668 – 2278 metres
Pistes: 37 kilometres of pistes and 1.6 kilometre ski route
Piste surface area: 200 hectares
Ascent aids: 10 facilities (4 T-bar lifts, 4 chairlifts, 2 gondolas)
Total conveyance capacity:  13,353 p/h


Opening times 2022/23
Zettersfeld: 08.12.2022 - 10.04.2023* (Easter Monday)
Hochstein: 17.12.2022 - 12.03.2023

*depending on snow conditions!



  • Funpark
  • Ski kindergarten
  • Ski cross route
  • Ski World Cup route (1.5 kilometres in length)

Prices day tickets - Winter 2021/22

Valid for Zettersfeld & Hochstein

Time Adults/seniors Kids/Youth (2003-2015)
09:00 a.m. € 52,00 € 26,00
10:00 a.m. € 50,00 € 25,00
11:00 a.m. € 45,00 € 22,50
12:00 a.m. € 42,00 € 21,00
01:00 p.m. € 35,00 € 17,50
02:00 p.m. € 27,00 € 13,50
until 01.30 p.m. € 42,50 € 22,50

Adults: born in 2002 and older
Children / youth: born between 2003 and 2015
Children free: 2016 - 2022 (free when accompanied by parents)
Family with more than 2 children (6-18 years): every additional child is free!
Family membership or ID required!


We reserve the right to change dates and tariffs! Status: November 5, 2021
Reduction for severely disabled people with a disability of 60 percent or more (valid ID required).
Season tickets from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. can only be acquisted at the respective time.
Day ticket only valid in the respective ski area.


Lienz ist als mediterrane Sonnenstadt ein wahrer Magnet für Kultur- und Bergliebhaber gleichermaßen. Mit traumhaftem Blick auf die Lienzer Dolomiten fühlt sich der Sommer in Lienz wie Urlaub im Süden an – auch für die Einheimischen. Zahlreiche Konzerte und kulturelle Aktivitäten stellen das Abendprogramm, während abwechslungsreiche Wanderwege und Bergbahnen Groß und Klein tagsüber fordern.

lifts and slopes - Lienz Zettersfeld Hochstein

opening hours: 09:00 - 16:00 Uhr
last snowfall: 01.10.2022
lifts (1 / 10)
🍸 4er-Sesselbahn Steinermandl (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
🍸 4er-Sesselbahn Wartschenbrunn (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
💥 6er-Sesselbahn Faschingalm (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
🌨 Doppelsesselbahn Hochstein 2 (H2, Lienz-Hochstein)
🎊 Einseilumlaufbahn Zettersfeld (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
🎊 Kombibahn Schlossberg (H1, Lienz-Hochstein)
🌩 Schlepplift Hochstein 3 (H3, Lienz-Hochstein)
🌩 Schlepplift Schoberköpfl (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
🌩 Tellerlift Biedner (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
🌩 Tellerlift Taxermoos (H5, Lienz-Hochstein)
slopes (0 / 21)
Biedneralm (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Familie (Lienz-Hochstein)
Familie (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Faschingalm (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Gams (Lienz-Hochstein)
Goldener Pflug (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Hochalm (Lienz-Hochstein)
Idlboden (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Märchenwiese (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Mittelhang (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Osthang (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Osthangumfahrung (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Panorama (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Peheim (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Pflugumfahrung (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Reiterfeichte (Lienz-Hochstein)
Schoberköpfl (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Skiroute (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Stieglerschuss (Lienz-Zettersfeld)
Taxermoos (Lienz-Hochstein)
Weltcupstrecke (Lienz-Hochstein)
🞐 Sunsite Park
sledge slopes
🅂 Rodelbahn Hochstein 1 Schlossberg (beleuchtet)
🅂 Rodelbahn Hochstein 2 Sternalm-Moosalm

Awards from skiresort for the skiresort Zettersfeld - Lienz

The ski resort Zettersfeld - Lienz has been presented with the Top Ski Resort Award by skiresort.info/the largest ski resort test portal in the world. Skiresort.info, has presented the ski area Zettersfeld - Lienz with 11 awards, also for the award "top ski resort 2020"

See the detailed test report

Bergbahnen Lienz
Zettersfeldstraße 38
9905 Gaimberg

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