Toblacher Pfannhorn

The most important at a glance

altitude meters uphill
1010 m
highest point
2663 m
walking time uphill
3:50 h
5 km
starting point:
Innervillgraten / Kalkstein (1.640 m)
destination point:
Toblacher Pfannhorn (2.663 m)
best season:


Car park
Car park Kalkstein 1.640m

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions

15°C/59°F °C


From the car park pass the road to the Alfenalm heading up to the bridge where there is a junction heading into Marchental. Bear right via Alfental, continuing to the end of the valley. Then via the steep slope which follows, in several steep hairpins up to flatter terrain. Keep heading in south-westerly direction until you get to the Pfanntörl 2508 m. Bear left now via the north-west ridge, continuing via rugged rocks predominantly heading west until you reach the highest point. The cross is somewhat further south of the summit.


The ascent from the Pfanntörl on skis is only expedient when the conditions are good and are safe. When there is frozen snow it is better to continue on foot (risk of falling). It is not just on account of the fantastic views to the Dolomites (Drei Zinnen), which seem close enough to touch, that this summit is particularly worthwhile, the somewhat steeper descent via the ridge is also very appealing when there is plenty of snow. The Pfannhorn, as it is known by the locals, is often visited from the South Tirol side (Toblach).


As the ascent or the variant via the border ridge, heading east and proceeding up and down to the Marchkinkele. Descend to the Kalkstein from there. This is actually longer and more demanding than the ascent route. 


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