Avalanche Bulletin - 18.01.2020

Low, level 1.

In some places relatively hard layers of snow are lying on old snow containing large grains, in particular on shady slopes at high altitudes and in high Alpine regions as well as adjacent to ridgelines. Extremely steep, little used shady slopes are to be evaluated with care and prudence.
The old snowpack will be moist at low and intermediate altitudes. The surface of the snowpack has frozen to form a strong crust and will soften during the day. This applies in particular on steep sunny slopes. There is a danger of falling on the hard snow surface.
The avalanche prone locations are very rare.
Dry avalanches can in very isolated cases be released in the old snowpack, in particular adjacent to ridgelines and in areas where the snow cover is rather shallow. Here individual mostly small avalanches are possible. Caution is to be exercised in particular on extremely steep shady slopes. Apart from the danger of being buried, restraint should be exercised as well in view of the danger of avalanches sweeping people along and giving rise to falls.
A latent danger of gliding avalanches exists, in particular on steep sunny slopes below approximately 2400 m.


The backcountry touring conditions remain favourable.

Before you leave the pistes, it is absolutely mandatory to thoroughly study the information PDF containing the report on the current avalanche warnings. The avalanche warning provides extensive information on the current snow situation, current avalanche risk and detailed information on other danger zones that free riders and ski tourers must know about.

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