Avalanche Bulletin - 14.04.2021

Wind slabs require caution. The danger of wet avalanches will increase a little during the day.

Some snow will fall in some localities. In some cases the various wind slabs have bonded still only poorly together, especially on steep shady slopes at high altitudes and in high Alpine regions.
Outgoing longwave radiation during the night will be severely restricted over a wide area. This situation will give rise to increasing moistening of the snowpack.
Wind slabs are sometimes quite large and can in some cases be released easily. The avalanche prone locations are to be found in particular in northwest to north to northeast facing aspects above approximately 2200 m, but in isolated cases also adjacent to ridgelines in all aspects at high altitude. The number and size of avalanche prone locations will increase with altitude.
On very steep sunny slopes individual loose snow avalanches are to be expected from the late morning, even medium-sized ones.
On cut slopes and on steep grassy slopes individual gliding avalanches and snow slides are possible. In the regions exposed to a lot of new snow this applies.


The danger of loose snow avalanches will decrease gradually. Sunshine and high temperatures will give rise to increasing settling of the snowpack.

Before you leave the pistes, it is absolutely mandatory to thoroughly study the information PDF containing the report on the current avalanche warnings. The avalanche warning provides extensive information on the current snow situation, current avalanche risk and detailed information on other danger zones that free riders and ski tourers must know about.

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