Avalanche Bulletin - 18.01.2021

A critical avalanche situation will prevail.

As a consequence of a strong wind from northerly directions, extensive wind slabs formed in the last few days in all aspects. The brittle wind slabs are lying on the unfavourable surface of an old snowpack. The old snowpack is faceted; its surface is loosely bonded and consists of surface hoar and faceted crystals. Whumpfing sounds and the formation of shooting cracks when stepping on the snowpack and field observations confirm poor snowpack stability.
The new snow and wind slabs can be released easily in all aspects. Avalanches can penetrate deep layers and reach large size. Caution is to be exercised also below the tree line. The avalanche prone locations are sometimes covered with new snow and are difficult to recognise. In the north and at elevated altitudes the avalanche prone locations are more prevalent and the danger is greater.
Gradual increase in danger of gliding avalanches as a consequence of warming.
Caution and restraint are important.


Fresh wind slabs require caution.

Before you leave the pistes, it is absolutely mandatory to thoroughly study the information PDF containing the report on the current avalanche warnings. The avalanche warning provides extensive information on the current snow situation, current avalanche risk and detailed information on other danger zones that free riders and ski tourers must know about.

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