High and sacred – Stage 03 from Maria Luggau to St. Oswald

Soul soothing: through the harmonious and partly heritage-protected cultural landscape of the Lesachtal Valley and over a mild but panoramic summit to St. Oswald.

The most important at a glance

25.3 km
altitude meters uphill
1200 m
altitude meters downhill
1000 m
total walking time
7 h
highest point
2218 m
starting point:
Maria Luggau
destination point:
St. Oswald

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions


30°C/86°F °C


From Maria Luggau you first follow the ski slope (alternatively the main road), then the frontier lane towards Kartitscher Sattel, cross the renowned and unique cultural landscape of the Obertilliacher pastures with their numerous hay huts, before you reach the church dedicated to St. Ulrich and the pilgrim patron and apostle Jakobus in the historic center of Obertilliach. 

At the northern end of the village you follow the freight road which leads you left towards Gripp (No. 47) at the "wall" (just above the first drag lift). Soon a shady, partly steep trail branches off, which often crosses the freight road. At the edge of the forest at Gripp there is a small private mountain hut with a wonderful view. From here the path leads over the now treeless south-west-facing mountain flank to the fork at a biotope. Here you follow a narrow, almost flat path that leads you westwards to Pfannegg and finally leads into the Gailtaler Höhenweg trail.

Remoteness, tranquillity and a magnificent panoramic view will quickly make you forget the effort of the ascent. Over the Dorfberg (2.113 m), the path leads sunlit and in a panoramic position to St. Oswald, your destination.

Along the Trail

St. Nikolaus (Obertilliach)

A characteristic feature of this section is the large number of small haystacks in the fields. Right in the middle is the small church with its frescos by Simon von Taisten, which is only a short walk from the Trail. Even if it is mostly locked, it offers a resting place in a special ambience. (on the homepage you can find out where to get the key)

Village center of Obertilliach

In the narrow village lanes of the town center, which is a protected historical monument, a look at the farmhouse Wastinger and the church of St. Ulrich is worthwhile. In this "mountaineer village" Austria's one and only active night watchman makes his rounds twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) at nighttime!

Church St. Oswald

Inside the 14th century Gothic church there are interesting frescos; there is also an impressive Madonna hanging from the vault. On the outer wall of the church there is a Resurrection fresco and on the parapet a Calvary by Oswald Kollreider (1960). The family of the famous East Tyrolean artist has been serving the sacristan here for centuries.



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