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‘Mountains for munchkins’. A family holiday in East Tyrol

‘Through the gorge to start with, then across an Edelweiß meadow to the fairy-tale larch forest.’ That might be a daily agenda of a family spending their holiday in East Tyrol. Not forgetting, the rabbits in the hotel’s mini zoo still have to be fed in the evening. 

Panning for gold and exploring ice caves

Children love adventure and detest boredom. What could be more obvious than climbing in the Hohe Tauern with proper climbing equipment? Under expert supervision of course. Or even panning for gold in the Wonky-Tonky river? There are ice caves too which are waiting to be discovered and investigated by little munchkins – which is what we call children in East Tyrol. Mountains for munchkins is our motto.

The Hochpustertal holiday region wholly specialises in providing family holidays in the summer, including a adventure programme. The ‘Familiennest’ weeks from June until mid September are the best example of this. With supervision from trained child supervisors every week, ten attractive programme points await little holiday-makers. The play parties are among the highlights of every ‘Familiennest’ holiday.

Family Nest in the region Hochpustertal

The "Tyrolean Family Nest" of Hochpustertal is considered the most family-friendly valley in East Tyrol. Because in this holiday world, everything revolves around the little guests – the "Gnomes" as the locals here lovingly call the children. Under the motto "Mountains for dwarves", little adventurers and climbing enthusiasts get to spend the most exciting holidays of their life here.

Family nest from the beginning of July until mid-September 2018

You can rest assured when promising your children an extraordinary and eventful summer holiday in the East Tirolean mountains.

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High wire park Sillian

8 different courses of various degrees of difficulty lead to heights of 1.5 to 8 metres.

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Wichtelpark Sillian

The motto in Wichtelpark is – “Berge für Zwerge”. Children have their own bit of East Tyrol here. And children have a park, where they can just be children.

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Gnome Water World by the Wonkey Tonkey River Heinfels

The idyllic, sunny location alone is a true insider's tip for families.

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Climbing with children

Mum, I was Spiderman! Children’s climbing is totally ‘in’ with our young guests at the moment. They get to learn how to move about and what to pay attention to when climbing with expert instruction, in a safe environment. “After this climbing adventure children feel more confident and a little bit more grown-up”, says one Kals mountain guide.

National Park sleuths

You, ranger – Me, explorer!

“Being a National Park ranger is a fantastic and a rewarding job”, recounts a National Park ranger. She is often out and about with children, the National Park ‘watchdogs’, so they get to learn about nature in a fun way. The children are interested in everything where they can lend a hand themselves, have to use their senses and get information in an exciting way. You can just imagine that in the spring, with a stethoscope, you can hear the sap flowing on the fresh meadow. Children are also really inspired when they find may-fly larva in a stone in the glacial stream and get to examine it under the magnifying glass. It is these simple methods which National Park rangers employ to amaze lots of children, who then often head back home with more of an understanding and respect for the natural surroundings.

Family packages


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Dolomiti Nordic Ski

3-7 nights with cross country ticket Dolomiti Nordic Ski.

from € 114,- per person

SkiHit Osttirol

7 nights and 6-day ski pass "Skihit Osttirol"

starting at € 434,- per person

4th Icefestival East Tyrol

Many competitions, lectures and workshops.


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Dolomitenlauf 2020

World´s best country cross skiert at the international Dolomitenlauf.

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