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altitude meters uphill
820 m
highest point
2330 m
walking time uphill
2:30 h
5 km
starting point:
Kartitsch / Rauchenbach
destination point:
best season:

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18°C/64°F °C


The Öfenspitze is one of the steeper ski tours on the Carnic ridge and due to its proximity to the valley is not to be underestimated. Snow conditions must be suitable for tackling the summit slopes, since these may be filled with deceptive wind-drifted snow after periods of wet weather.

Starting point for this very popular and really short ski tour on the Carnic ridge is the little parish of Rauchenbach (1515 m), around three kilometres after Kartitsch. Opposite Gasthaus Klammerwirt (bus stop, car parking) we initially follow a forest trail which takes us to the shaded side, into steep forest terrain beneath the Öfenspitze. The ski track stays mostly on the signposted summer trail and quickly gains altitude, crossing the forest road on several occasions. At 1900 m the terrain becomes more open and the view to our destination opens up. Via a steeper trough, which we walk to the right of, we get to a ridge, which we use, when there is no threat of avalanche, as a further ascent. Crossing an enclosed basin again, after a short slope section we again reach an impressive ridge beneath the steep summit flanks. There are several options here for the final section. Depending on the conditions follow the track, either steep in several hairpin bends to the north-east ridge, which is often topped with lovely cornices, or cross the aforementioned ridge into the trough to get below the steep flanks past the highest point from the south. Descent, depending on the conditions, along the ascent track, or along the forest trail back to your car.


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