Just follow the heart

The route to 50 impressive summits around Villgratental is now signposted. Creating a heart, the 50 impressive summits have lovingly connected the secluded Villgratental since time immemorial. This can only really be seen from a bird's eye view. So nobody gets lost, the legendary 5-Day route, which has up to now been regarded as an insider tip among local people, is now signposted throughout.


For "all and sundry", so to speak. That's what East Tyrol people say about this easy variant, which saves you having to do a few summits and in the evenings always leads you to a comfortable overnight stay Option in the valley. The hard tour which has 5500 meters altitude alone to tackle in the climb, covers some 100 kilometers and has two Alpine inns and three nights in a bivy still remains the territory of the map-readers among you.


The Villgrater mountains connect the two mountaineering villages of Außer- and Innervillgraten in one big heart shape. Although it has always been there, the Villgrater People only discovered their "heart" in the 1980s. "The route was first tackled then -many People celebrated and did this ridge hike together", recalls Ossi Fürhapter from the local tourist office. "And we are now proud of the fact that we can now invite our guests to enjoy this very special experience". Let the uniqueness of the secluded Villgratental take effect on you, one which will last for a long time to come. Meet like-minded people who are conquering the summit too. On the recently set-up Herz-Ass hiking trail.


You get to experience the unique natural surroundings and cultural landscape of Villgratental.

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Herz-Ass Villgratental - circuit

Day 1: Almenweg: Außervillgraten to Reiterstube 
Around 8 hours walking time  - easy hike 


Day 2: Salzsteig: Reiterstube to Volkzeiner Hütte 
Around 7 hours walking time - moderately difficult hike


Day 3: Spring and water trail: Volkzeiner Hütte to Unterstalleralm
Around 6 walking time- moderately difficult hike

Day 4: Via the Jöcher: Unterstalleralm to Kalkstein 
Around 6 hours walking time - moderately difficult hike


Day 5: Boarder area hike: Kalkstein to Gadein/Thurntaler

Around  7 Stunden - moderately difficult hike 

Herz-Ass Villgratental

starting point:
Dorfzentrum Außervillgraten
destination point:
Dorfzentrum Außervillgraten
highest point:
2698 m
total walking time
34 h
79 km
altitude meters uphill
6196 hm

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