The Höfe Trail

Close to life

The most important at a glance

50.6 km
altitude meters uphill
1882 m
altitude meters downhill
1914 m
walking time uphill
10:15 h
walking time downhill
10:15 h
total walking time
10:15 h
highest point
1620 m

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Parkplatz in Hollbruck neben der Kirche

Parkpaltz in Sillian neben dem Elektrogeschäft Aichner

starting point:
Bahnhof Sillian
destination point:
Dorfzentrum Kartitsch
best season:

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions


10°C/50°F °C


Due to damage caused by trees being thrown, it will not be possible to walk the yard trail until 2021. However, within the weekly programme of the TVB Osttirol, the farm experiences are carried out.

The Höfe Trail (Farms Trail) Osttirol leads through the cultivated mountain pasture landscape of the Tyrolean Gail and Lesach Valley. “Close to life”, it enables encounters with the people who work in and with this pristine and varied landscape.

Once you have managed the climb from Sillian into the Tyrolean Gail and Lesach Valley, the Höfe Trail Osttirol leads in three stages for around 30 km through a particularly charming landscape largely shaped by human hands. Across hay meadows, full of countless blossoming flowers and insects, through carefully tended larch meadows, following an easy route along old paths from farm to farm. The short daily stages near the valley averaging only 10 km between the localities and villages Kartitsch, Obertiliach and Untertilliach invite you to linger and enjoy the scenery.

A special possibility of immersing oneself even deeper in the accomplished togetherness of people and nature is offered by “farm experiences” at local farmsAnker along the trail. At specific times, visitors are invited to take part in the clever and sustainable farming in harmony with nature, which has been the basis of cultivation in the Tyrolean Gail and Lesach Valley for generations, and to get to know old valley knowledge.

Farm experiences: please ask for information at the Obertilliach tourist information office or the official HöfeTrail booking centre about when you can join and to book your farm experience! The farm experiences are only possible upon prior registration and on the specified dates.



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