Höfe Trail stage 3: Obertilliach - Wacht/Untertilliach

Wanderung von Hof zu Hof im Tiroler Gail- und Lesachtal

The most important at a glance

12 km
altitude meters uphill
444 m
altitude meters downhill
718 m
walking time uphill
4:15 h
walking time downhill
4:15 h
total walking time
4:15 h
highest point
1556 m
starting point:
Obertilliach Dorfzentrum
destination point:
Untertilliach Gasthof Wacht
best season:

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Current weather conditions


20°C/68°F °C


Due to damage caused by trees being thrown, it will not be possible to walk the yard trail until 2021. However, within the weekly programme of the TVB Osttirol, the farm experiences are carried out.

This leg starts in the centre of Obertilliach below "Weiler-Kornkasten". First we go downhill through the village and past the Unterwöger inn until we reach the junction with the main road below the Obererlacher bakery. We turn left and follow the main road for approx. 80 m and almost immediately turn half right again and walk downhill. After approx. 150 m we pass the last houses and the view opens up across the "Obertillga Dorfer Felder", a unique cultural landscape at the alluvial cone of the Rodarmbach stream with countless meadows and barns and the two chapels "Helenenkirchl" and "Niklaskirchl". We follow an agricultural access road, which is initially asphalted, keep left and soon find ourselves on a gravelled field path along a stream that takes us right past the two chapels.

Once we get to the Bachhäusl village we turn right and follow the Gärberbach stream downhill; here we have a beautiful view across the Dorfer Felder fields behind us and of Obertilliach. We cross the Gärberbach stream directly at the sawmill (keep left!).

The path now follows the banks of the Gail. If we were to turn right by the next bridge after approx. 1.5 km we would get to the small farmhouses and the herb garden of Iris Meyer (wild herb garden) (approx. 300 m). Instead we walk in the direction of Untertilliach on the left side of the stream until we get to the next bridge. Here we cross the Gail and leave the bank of the stream; after approx. 700 m we cross the Gail one last time over a wooden bridge and then walk to the village of Untertilliach along an asphalt road.

By the bridge across the Nieschenbach stream in Untertilliach we meet the main road again.

On the left hand side of the bridge we walk up to the Klammberg along a side street to the apiary of Josef Schmidhofer (approx. 1.3 km, approx. 30 min., the same way back). On the right hand side of the bridge, in front of the municipal office, we go up to the Kirchberg, the last section of this leg. If you're by the municipal office and look towards the other side of the stream you can see the Niescher mill. As we follow the side street, which winds its way up around 7 bends, we pass more and more beautifully situated wooden farms, such as the Moos farm with its Schwedenreiter hayrack. Above the last house, Oberkreiner, the path makes a left turn into the forest, where we turn right onto a hiking trail towards Eggen. It is worth taking a little detour to the church of St. Ingenuin and St. Albuin, which can already be seen from the turn-off; it is one of the oldest churches in the valley. Soon after the turn-off, as we continue towards Eggen, the path takes us across a small wooden bridge to Kircherbach. On the opposite side, we continue slightly uphill, following the lower edge of mountain meadows until the path turns into a gravel road. We now pass particularly beautiful scenery across meadows with groups of trees and barns and the Karnischer Kamm always fully in view. The landscape is not only attractive for us, it is also of ecological importance - it's a great place for wild bees and other flower visitors. Soon we reach the bend of a major forest road, which we follow downhill. This soon turns into an asphalted side road. We reach Eggen from above, the "breadbasket" of the Lesachtal valley. After four bends we arrive at the Untererschbaum farm. We follow the asphalt road downhill and, having passed the small church, turn left at the farms in Untereggen, where we see the Ganner granary on the right. Here we continue along the asphalted main road through the farms and further downhill. Soon the asphalted section ends and we continue along an ancient, curvy cart track - first over meadows and then through the forest - and finally reach "in die Wacht", the destination of this leg.


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