Water adventure park Ochsenlacke

The new playground and tourist attraction 2350 meters above sea level

Nearby Ochsenlacke at Mooseralm in the hiking resort of Bergbahnen St. Jakob in Defereggental offers a new tourist attraction for the whole family. The Keepers of the Alpine Water Treasures - 5 oversized pieces of playing equipment:

  • Salmo the trout
  • Anura the frog
  • Odo the dragonfly
  • Uro the Alpine newt
  • Cinni the dipper


Right on the ridge to the small Leppleskofel there is also a spectacular viewing platform. It represents the ark in which the Keepers of the Alpine Water Treasures stranded at the Ochsenlacke. The viewing platform provides a spectacular view of the Deferegger Mountains.

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The Keepers

Salmo the river trout - keeper of the mountain streams

Embedded in the sand, the river trout rests amidst the rope installations. Ropes of various thicknesses have been stretched at differing height levels. Various objects like planks have been affixed to them. Children can balance or climb on, crawl through, and swing on the ropes. The river trout’s belly does not only serve as hiding place; a hint on the treasure to be found has also been hidden in there. Nets affixed to the trout’s outside allow for looking out of the playground equipment while blocking inside it off.

Anura the frog - keeper of the mountain lakes

The frog, being placed amidst huge rocks, cannot only be climbed on but also provides for numerous other playing options. Climbing through various levels inside the frog’s belly up into its head, piques children’s interest in discovering things and enjoying different kinds of view. Once they have reached the top, the children will find themselves in a viewing pulpit. A swing hanging from the head moves forth and back. The rocks set up around it enable the kids to “climb mountains”. Here, too, touching is an important aspect - what does rock feel like, how can you hang on to it and how do you get to a safe grip.

Odo the dragonfly - keeper of the forest springs

The dragonfly hides among the reeds, which here are represented by wooden stakes. (Carefully) moving through the reeds stirs up the children’s curiosity. The dragonfly’s head has to be crawled into to find another piece of the puzzle to complete the treasure and get the reward in the end. The respective hints are hidden among the reeds.

Uro the Alpine newt - keeper of the Alpine swamplands

Smoothly, the Alpine newt crawls across flat stones, rock and coarse gravel. It serves to balance upon and train that sense in play. All around there are stepping stones of different size that allow for jumping from one to the other. Just as if they were crossing a mountain stream, the children here have to watch out not to fall off the stepping stones and make sure they safely reach the other side.

Cinni the dipper - keeper of the waterfalls

The dipper calls for visitors to participate in exciting glissades. Nearby, there are branches and dry trunks in which the dipper builds its nest. Children can seesaw on these trees, crawl through them, etc. One highlight is climbing up into the head through the dipper. Being the highest piece of playground equipment, it provides the best view over the entire area.

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