Via ferrata "Blauspitze"

Der krönende Abschluss einer Gipfeltour zum Blauspitz!

The most important at a glance

200 m
45 min
sea level starting point
2305 m
sea level entry point
2470 m
sea level highest point
2575 m
access time to the entry point
1 h
walking time descent
1:20 h
state: closed
best season:
a) from the Blauspitz mountain station – 25 minutes: via the recently developed path in the east cirque beneath the Weißer and Blauer Knopf, an information board there shows the via ferrata routes. b) From the mountain station for the chair lift at the Glocknerblick mountain restaurant via the signposted hiking trail (No. 516) heading for the Hohes Tor and Blauspitze. After Garnotzeck bear left on the red signposted route, following the ski piste to the Blauspitz mountain station; continue as route described in a). Total approx. 1 hour 15 minutes. c) From Großdorf via hiking trail 516 to the Glocknerblick mountain restaurant (approx. 1 ½ hours); continue as above.
a) Via the signposted standard path heading north on the Teplitzer trail (No. 516). Cross beneath the east ridge of the Blauspitze and back to the piste terrain. b) Via a short ascent on the ridge to the Blaue Knopf in the west. Continuing south, along the ridge (A) which is partly rope-secured, down to a saddle. Head east from there down the signposted path, where you once again meet the ascent route (somewhat longer but charming in terms of the scenery).
<div class="gsmap-detail-content-section-arrival-item" id=""><h3>arrival</h3><div class="gsmap-detail-content-arrival-item"><div class="title">Parking spot</div><div>Car park Großdorf</div></div></div>

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Current weather conditions


20°C/68°F °C


This difficult via ferrata route (D) which was built in 2006 by Kals mountain guides, is short and snappy, proceeding via the steep and exposed south-west ridge up to the summit of the Blauspitze.

Arm strength is the order of the day here, and a superb panoramic view on the summit, even out to the

Großglockner is the reward for your endeavour – supported by Kals cable cars this makes for a wonderful half-day tour.

Difficult sections: D. The path is secured throughout with steel cables and some sections have footholds.

No emergency exit points or means of getting off the route!



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