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Wassermythos Ochsenlacke

water paradise Defereggental
place of excursions for families/children
fun park/leisure park

The playground and tourist attraction 2350 meters above sea level.

Remarkable animals live at the Ochsenlacke on the Mooseralm high up in the mountains of the Defereggental. They are the guardians of the water - river trout, dipper, dragonfly, Alpine newt and common frog. They feel particularly comfortable up here. Rumour has it that they once came here with an ark. Remains of that ark now serve as a panoramic pulpit with a wonderful view of the Defereggental and Hohe Tauern National Park. Down at the Ochsenlacke, unique, oversized animal figures invite children and those young at heart to learn more about the guardians of the water in a playful way.

The giant wooden play equipment is arranged around the small mountain lake and modelled on the guardians of the water. They are just waiting to be discovered by you. WALU the water flea will tell you exciting things about the guardians of water. If you can answer all the quiz questions correctly at the end, a surprise is waiting for you in the tourist information Defereggental.

The short stop at the play stations, the beautiful hike around the lake or a side trip to the nearby Leppleskofel (2,811 m) make the panorama play arena at the Ochsenlacke in the hiking area of the St. Jakob cable cars in Defereggental a worthwhile excursion destination for young and old.

Important information:

  • The access to the Ochsenlacke is not suitable for strollers.

Salmo - the trout:
The trout is a skilful swimmer who can conquer even the wildest waters in the mountains. Also the play equipment requires skilfulness: balancing, climbing, slipping through... The trout’s belly is a particularly good hiding place. Supposedly it provides a hint to a treasure...

Anura - the frog:
The grass frog is tough. It climbs far up in the mountains - almost to the peaks. Amidst small rocks, an oversized model of this survivalist is waiting for you. Can you also make it to the top? There are various ways up. Those who prefer it slow-paced, you can also see-saw with the frog.

Odo - the dragonfly:
It loves mountain lakes with wide banks and clear water. It spends its childhood and youth as a larva in the lake. Only when it has grown up does it climb out of the water and hunt for insects in the air. Hidden between wooden stalks and stems, a great play-on model of this skilled flyer is waiting to be discovered by you nearby the Ochsenlacke.

Uro - the Alpine newt
In springtime, during the spawning season, the Alpine newt comes from far to the mountain lake. Skilfully and smoothly it crawls across stones, rocks and gravel. Follow it! The unique play-on model is situated amidst stone slabs and blocks. Now it is important to avoid falling off the stones and to reach the finish safely.

Cinni - the dipper
The dipper is a vivid, lively bird. Skilfully, it dives head first into mountain torrents. Its nest is made of twigs and moss. Up at the Ochsenlacke, it invites you to a fun slide and climb. It is the largest piece of the play equipment here and offers a great view.

contact details
Tourismusinformation Defereggental
Unterrotte 44
9963 St. Jakob in Defereggen


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