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Wallfahrtskirche Maria Schnee in Obermauern

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The Maria Schnee pilgrimage church is Located in the Virgen town of Obermauern, which is one of the loveliest spots in all God’s planet.

What a name! What a building! What a location! These are all possible cries which you come across without fail when you see Maria Schnee pilgrimage church for the first time. Located in the Virgen town of Obermauern, which is one of the loveliest spots in all God’s planet. The fact that there is a church here is not really anything to be astonished at. After all, it is God who we have to thank for this loveliest place in this world. The builders of this church made a great choice here. This gem among East Tyrolean churches was built in 1456. And the late Gothic frescoes will leave you speechless and amazed. No wonder, after all no less than Simon von Taisten, the court painter of the Counts of Gorizia, completed a few real masterpieces here. Yet it is not only in the church, but roundabout that people with an interest in the spiritual and artistic are very well catered for. The ancient court ensemble is a real feast for the eyes and is exceedingly picturesque and the successfully designed stations of the cross should be observed and marvelled at.

Visiting is free of charge of course. Anyone who wants to find out a bit more about the frescoes and this late Gothic building with its lancet windows, should treat themselves to a guided tour. Without a doubt you could say that the pilgrimage church is one of the loveliest holy buildings in all of East Tyrol. This church is a must for pilgrims. Even without heading off on a pilgrimage and only out of curiosity, you should definitely visit and tour this church because of its impressive architecture.

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Tourismusinformation Virgen
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