Open-air museum Alpine Life - Innervillgraten

A world full of fascinating stories, traditional crafts and unforgettable experiences.

Experience the innovation of yesterday in today!

The open-air museum Alpine Life - Innervillgraten invites you to discover the innovation of craftsmanship of yesteryear and to experience the creativity of past generations. Let yourself be inspired by alpine craftsmanship.


A place where history and craftsmanship come alive in an impressive way. It is a journey into the exciting past before electric current reached the region and water was the sole source of power.

In the area of the open-air museum, at the entrance to the Arntal valley in Innervillgraten, an ensemble of buildings awaits you, which has been built up and lovingly restored in the last years and months by the Villgrater Heimatpflegeverein:The Wegelate saw, the Lodenstampf, the Lüfter mill, the Einhof "Neuhauser" and the alpine hut "Riepenkammer".


Enjoy the special atmosphere and walk through the museum area, learn how people used to work wood, wool and grain with water power. Be amazed by the sophisticated mechanics and trace the simple life at the Einhof and the Almhütte. Take your time and immerse yourself in the authentic life of yesteryear.

Did you know...

... that on a guided tour through the open-air museum all stations are in operation and demonstrations are shown?

... that the open-air museum is about life in the Alps, with all its challenges, handicrafts, nature and history and hydropower?

... that in the spring of 1999 the Wegelate sawmill was the only object from Austria to be awarded the renowned Europa Nostra diploma?

... that the members of Villgrater Heimatpflegeverein lovingly and passionately take care of the entire area?

... that visitors can not only see the elements of water, wood, grain and wool, but also feel and experience how they were used at the time?

Life in the Alps

Life in the Alps, with all its challenges, crafts, traditions, agricultural implements, wooden buildings, water power, nature and history, is narrated, explored and brought to life in the museum area. The various buildings such as the Lüfter mill, the Wegelate sawmill, the alpine hut and the Einhof play the main roles. They serve as living examples of the innovations and alpine life of past times.

The exhibits, including a wide variety of agricultural objects, also help to illustrate the link between the past and the present. Visitors:inside can not only see the elements of water, wood, grain and wool, but also feel and experience how they were used in those times.


The combination of inventiveness and alpine life create a unique atmosphere in the Open Air Museum Alpine Life - Innervillgraten. The museum invites you to discover history, admire craftsmanship and experience the beauty of the Alps up close.

Names of the individual stations

During authentic demonstrations, experienced guides will tell you about the history and significance of the various historical buildings.

Discover 19th century life in the mountains in the open-air museum Alpine Life - Innervillgraten. Here you will experience the fascinating history of past times, innovative crafts and the beauty of alpine nature.

The last Venetian gate sawmill in Osttirol

A very special attraction is the Wegelate Sawmill - a Venetian gang sawmill. It is the last of a total of eight water-powered sawmills that once stood in Innervillgraten and the surrounding area. Marvel at how the water wheel drives the saw blades and how precisely wooden beams and boards are cut. It is impressive to see how in those days complex tasks were accomplished with simple water power. You will remember the rhythmic clatter of the saw and the smell of freshly sawn wood well.

The last of a total of eight water-powered sawmills

The Wegelate sawmill from 1883
The sawmill is put into operation
The impressive power of the water drives the saw blade

Lüfter Mill

The Lüfter Mill has a long history and was a central place for grinding grain in the region. It was used by local farmers to process their grain. A special feature of the mill is the water access and water regulation with the help of the sweep. The mechanism of the mill is driven by an undershot paddle wheel. The flour mill with barley roller is a fascinating testimony of past times and gives you an insight into the technology and operation of a historic mill.

A mill with a lot of history

The 200 year old mill building
The water-powered wheel
The Making of Flour

The Loden Stamp

The Loden Stamp has been in operation for over 200 years and allows you to marvel at the fascinating production of loden. Here the pre-woven wool, which comes from the living sheep, is tamped and rolled in hot water until after days a dense loden is created. The elements of water, fire and air are used in the process, giving the loden its unique texture. It is impressive to see how raw wool is transformed into a high-quality material known for its thermal insulation and durability.

The production of loden fabric - an old craft

The Loden Stamp from the year 1802
Preparation of the technical installation
The finished loden fabric drying

The "Neuhauser" farmhouse

The "Neuhauser" farmhouse is an authentic farmhouse from the period between 1700 and 1740. In its four living rooms you will get a vivid impression of the living conditions of past times. Inside the farmhouse you can admire a collection of tools and household objects, which have been collected since 1996 by the Villgrater Heimatpflegeverein. These exhibits bring the past back to life and allow you to experience at first hand the everyday life and working methods of the people of that time.

300 years of history in one place

The equipment museum
The tools and equipment of yesterday
The innovative craftsmanship impresses young and old

The alpine hut "Riepenkammer"

Another special feature of the open-air museum is the alpine hut "Riepenkammer". This alpine hut, which is typical for the slopes in the Villgrater mountains, also shows a representative selection of exhibits.

Here the challenges of the historical life in the high mountains are vividly presented. Immerse yourself in the world of alpine pasture farming activities and admire the craftsmanship of the alpine dairymen.

Prices & Opening times

Guided tours in the open air museum Alpine Life - Innervillgraten

July to September
Monday start at 10.00 am
Thursday start at 15.00 pm
Duration approx. 1.5 hours


Prices open air museum Alpine Life - Innervillgraten

Admission and demonstration at the individual stations: € 15,- (incl. parking fee)/adult, children up to 6 years free of charge

Osttirol's Glockner-Dolomites Card: free of charge

For groups of 10 or more people, individual tours are possible at any time by prior appointment. € 10,00/person




Open air museum Alpine Life - Innervillgraten
9932 Innervillgraten

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