Across the Edelweiß meadows to Steiner Almen

High above Matrei i. O.

The most important at a glance

11.9 km
altitude meters uphill
640 m
altitude meters downhill
640 m
walking time uphill
2:30 h
walking time downhill
2:30 h
total walking time
5 h
highest point
1950 m

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public transport:

Matrei in Osttirol Korberplatz


Parking place Glanz

starting point:
Parking place Glanz
destination point:
Parking place Glanz
best season:
route typ:
family tour


Parking spot

Car park Glanz 1.550m

altitude profile

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Current weather conditions


29°C/84°F °C


Route (no. 12) begins with a walk on a flat, wide trail crossing biodiverse mountain pastures. As well as the many colourful flowers there are also lots of insects to look at here. You also get to enjoy a wonderful view to Matrei and the Lasörling group here. At the end of this pasture (Begunitzen 1950m) a short trail takes you up to a spur of rock which has lots of Edelweiß and impressive panoramic views. The route then proceeds slightly downhill through a larch forest to Äußere Steineralm (1904m). Those who fancy it can enjoy a refreshment stop here or head directly to Hoanzeralm/Inneren Steineralm. The landscape on this section of the route is characterised with Alpine pastures, peppered with rock boulders, dwarf shrubs and sheep tracks. The route then proceeds down a few metres altitude through larch pastures and larch forests. Some 45 minutes away from Äußere Steineralm is the Hoanzeralm (1770m), built out of slate slabs. Culinary highlights here include the home-made sheep and goats milk products. From here follow route number 13 to Stein/Matrei. This proceeds through the Zlemwald, a shaded spruce forest. The path here is somewhat steeper but there are also downhill sections, making it completely suitable for children. After a further 40 minutes you change to route 514 heading for Stein. At this point as an alternative you can also head back on route 514 back to Äußere Steineralm (some 1 ½ hours), which makes this a circular route. The route to Stein proceeds past the impressive Steiner Waterfall, which thunders down to the depths below.


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