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Defereggental 2311 metres

The narrow Defereggental has a range of not much-frequented take-off and flight options, which are part of the Lasörling group and the Villgratener mountains. They have even been developed and used from the start of paragliding by local pilots, partly even for competitions. In summer you should exercise particular caution here when landing due to the considerable valley winds, the rope cable and other obstacles. Particularly important for newcomers is looking for landing options and possibly set-up a wind sock! In quiet times of the year a leisure-oriented pilot also has the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings. For holiday-makers who have paragliders and who are interested in Defereggental, Josef Blasisker is experienced and knows all the take-off areas around Hopfgarten and is there to provide advice at any time. Tel. 0043-699-11704230

Altitude difference: 650 metres - 710 metres 

Firstkogel (2136 metres)

This ridge head is to the north and above Hopfgarten, offering various wind directions and easy flights. 

Access: From Dölach to Grünalm (signposted). From there in around 45 minutes to the head. Taxi Josef Blaßnig, transports groups and individuals to the Grünalm and to the track up at around 2000 metres. From there it is another 20 minutes to the take-off area.

Take-off area: North-west-north-east /south-east, easy, meadow start.

Landing area: Dölach (998 metres), after the western end of the town there are pastures which are large enough for landing. In Plon the large pastures between the first and last goods transport line are also suitable (take a look beforehand). 

Gagenalm (1998 metres) - Zeigerle (2311 metres)

This ridge is directly above Plon and guarantees pleasure-filled flights with a weak NW wind and thermals in the morning and afternoon.

Access: In Plon near the old wooden bridge (Blosbrücke) follow the Zwenewaldweg trail to Gagenalm (Around 2.5 hours) or by Taxi Josef Blaßnig up to the Gagenalm.

Start: E / SE and somewhat higher also N, easy. From Zeigerle to the NW and SE, easy. (Follow the ridge for about 40 minutes on foot).

Landing area: (1157 metres), preferably in Plon on the meadow before the last goods cable-car cable and the branch-off to Kleinitzalm.


Josef Blasisker Tel. 0043-699-11704230 


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