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Cross-country skiing in the Lienz Dolomites

Over 100 kilometres of slopes run from Hochpustertal via the Lienz valley floor and into the adjoining valleys. Fantastic cross-country skiing with superb views to the Lienz Dolomites. One of the most fantastic slopes in all of East Tyrol, which really has no shortage of impressive slopes, starts on the southern edge of the town with the Amlacherrunde. Head out cross-country skiing on a legendary 30 kilometres to Pustertal.

The Dolomite slope

You can also head out in the tracks of the Dolomitenlauf during the rest of the winter season too. The 7 kilometre slope runs from Lienz via Amlach, Tristach to Lavant and back again of course. The main charm of this slope in particular is its route. The panorama, which it offers is astonishing; after all, you are out and about at the foot of the Dolomites. A setting which is simultaneously impressive and which renders you speechless; one in which you feel subsumed and superb. It is an interesting route into the bargain, level for the most part with short climbs. An absolute “must” during your next trip to sunny East Tyrol.

Lavant circular slope

In Lavant there is a 6 kilometre snow-covered circular slope in the golf hotel area. A small, yet perfectly formed circular slope where you can do some leisurely or a bit faster circuits. The view to the surrounding mountains is a particular treat.

The Dolomitenlauf

It all started more than 40 years ago when someone had a good idea and then had the nerve to go ahead with it. Since then, every 3rd weekend in January a whole host of cross-country enthusiasts have been coming, which lends East Tyrol more than just a little bit of international charm. A full 30 nations gather together on this weekend and do battle under the motto “everyone is a winner in themselves”.

FACTS about the cross-country area in the Lienz Dolomites:

Lienz-Dolomiten slope network: 7 kilometres

Nikolsdorf slope network: 13 kilometres

Lavant slope network: 7 kilometres

East Tyrol slope overview

An overview of the slopes in East Tyrol, including the respective snow conditions, can be found here.

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Cross country charges

On Europe's biggest corss-country area Dolomiti Nordic Ski with more than 1, 300 km tracks you have to pay a cross country charge.

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Dolomiti Nordic Ski

3-7 nights with cross country ticket Dolomiti Nordic Ski.

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SkiHit Osttirol

7 nights and 6-day ski pass "Skihit Osttirol"

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4th Icefestival East Tyrol

Many competitions, lectures and workshops.


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Dolomitenlauf 2020

World´s best country cross skiert at the international Dolomitenlauf.

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