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altitude meters uphill
1170 m
highest point
2610 m
walking time uphill
3:50 h
7.3 km
starting point:
Oberassling/Warscherhof (1.510 m)
destination point:
Mundsalspitze (2.682 m)
best season:



Assling Wildpark

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Current weather conditions


18°C/64°F °C


The hefty Mundsalspitze is part of the Deferegger Alps and is the final section of Wilfernertal. It extends north of Thal, parallel to the Hochsteinkamm. The ski tour there is characterised by alpine inns and lodges set in a traditional landscape. Scaling the summit is especially difficult. The focus lies in choosing the right route since there are steep slopes to be traversed which are at risk of avalanches. Starting point is Warscher farmstead (1510 m), in the district of Assling. from Thal signposts take us to Assling wildlife park, where we bear right into Wilferner Tal and after 2 km, we park just before the farm (goods route, barriers). Paying no heed to the branch-off to the Reisachspitze, a 3 km monotonous forest road takes us into the valley to the summer parking area at Pedretscher Kaser (1700 m). Always bearing north, we keep to the logging road, changing over to the river side and come across more Alpine inns. At 2000m the ski track now swings along a base area into the steeper head of the valley, which is avoided via the flanks to the west (30°, risk of avalanche) in an even incline. At 2200m the terrain flattens out and via a trough systems, to the south of Wilferner Lacke, we get to the narrow wind gap which can be seen from quite a distance. The steep often windswept slope is usually avoided via the left (south) ridge, before we come to the north-east ridge in a few hairpin bends. Now directly and heading right (north) of the ridge line up to the steep summit slope which we cross in the flattest area. Depending on the snow conditions we then proceed with or without skis via the broad grassy summit to the reference markers (3 – 3 ½ hours along the car park). Descent along the ascent track to the summer car park. When there is enough snow there is the option of following the forest road in the bottom of the valley and therefore enjoying a speedy descent along Thaler Bach to almost 1100 m.

Additional ski tour tips can be obtained in the ski tour guides by Thomas Mariacher. These are available here:


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