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altitude meters uphill
880 m
highest point
2430 m
walking time uphill
3:50 h
4.9 km
starting point:
Kartitsch/Sportplatz (1.415 m)
destination point:
Gatterspitze (2.430 m)
best season:

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18°C/64°F °C


The Gatterspitze is, next to the Pfannspitze and the Eisenreich the third of the Winklertal tours and impresses thanks to its ascent which is lovely throughout and peppered with nice hay barn. In the summit area however there is a short steep slope to tackle, which as well as the challenging entrance area to the valley is a key section in terms of avalanche risk. Starting point once again is Obstanser Wiesenboden (1962 m). The start area is the same as for the ski tour to the Pfannspitze, and the same precautions are to be heeded! At the start of the plateau we cross a bridge and exactly opposite a sparsely wooded gently climbing slope. To the left beneath us is the first lovely hay barn, while our track takes us up above this via the ridge, in a wide arc to the west. Passing the really nice little inn we now come to the summit of the Gatterspitze, which is visible from quite a distance. We set our sights on the flat dip to the south west of the highest point here. Via short troughs and where the slopes head up, we reach around 2200 m and a round hump in the terrain, which we climb or avoid by heading south. We soon come to the foot of the summit slope (south-east, > 30°) and climb in up in hairpins in the flat saddle area, where, via the south-west ridge we ski to the summit. Descent along the ascent track.



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