Scenic flights with the aeroplane

Scenic flights in Osttirol

A proper helping of courage is very much part of venturing up to lofty heights. But as soon as you board the aeroplane, you're in for an unforgettable experience! With the aeroplane you start at the airport in Nikolsdorf and enjoy the spectacular scenery from above top Summit crosses, lakes, townships and hamlets can be viewed from a completely different perspective, you won't be able to look your fill! Individual requests can also be accommodated, because there's always time for an extra loop across your Osttirol´s favourite place!


Departure locations: Lienz/Nikolsdorf

Robin DR 400 powered aircraft - 3 passengers


Sightseeing flight around the Dolomites approx. 25 min. € 145.00
Lienz - Marmolada - Sesto Dolomites - Lienz, approx. 70 min., € 370.00
Lienz - Weissensee - Lienz, approx. 35 min., € 195.00
Carinthian lakes, approx. 65 min., € 345.00


Motor glider HB 23 - 1 passenger


Sightseeing flight around the Dolomites, approx. 35 min., € 97.50
Lienz - Weissensee - Lienz, approx. 40 min., € 110.00


Flugplatz Lienz/Nikolsdorf Betriebs-GmbH
Nikolsdorf 54
9782 Nikolsdorf

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