The mountaineering villages in Osttirol

Nature and man in harmony

The mountaineering villages Obertilliach, Untertilliach, Kartitsch, Innervillgraten and Außervillgraten are exemplary development regions for sustainable alpine tourism in Osttirol. The Mountaineering Villages initiative has always been committed to the preservation of local culture and nature - which fits in wonderfully with the sustainable self-evidence in Osttirol! The philosophy of this initiative covers areas such as village image and alpine flair, mountain agriculture and mountain forestry, nature and landscape conservation, eco-friendly mobility and transport. Its resolution is also to meet the objectives of the Alpine Convention. The Alpine Convention is an international agreement between the 8 Alpine states and the European Union and is aimed at the sustainable development and protection of the Alps. In order to become a mountaineering village, communities must meet strict criteria that are in line with the group's philosophy.


Guests in the mountaineering villages expected:

  • Proximity without disrespect
  • Pleasure at a high level
  • Movement from own strength
  • Stimulation without hustle and bustle
  • liveliness without noise

The tourism philosophy of the mountaineering villages emphasizes alpinism in all its forms, including the conscious experience of nature or, for example, competence and risk management on the mountain. The communities also limit guest accommodations to small business sizes and promotelocal providers entirely in the spirit of social sustainability. Refuges are preserved in the long term as high-altitude lodging establishments with a base character and as a functional supplement to the lodging establishments in the valley.

The mountaineering villages are proud of their originality, tradition and culture and strive to preserve and protect them. Thus, they see themselves as active partners in the maintenance and care of protected areas, are committed to the preservation and improvement of public transport and promote environmentally friendly mobility. The preservation of a typical local appearance is particularly important to the mountaineering villages. This includes not only the preservation and maintenance of the typical cultural landscape elements, but also mountain agriculture and the management of the mountain forest. Even the touristic use of the alpine pasture buildings must not endanger the leading agricultural function. It is self-evident that no additional motorized traffic should be created in the alpine pasture area. Last but not least, the places promote the close connection between producers and consumers on a local and regional level. Let yourself be inspired by the conscious harmony of nature and man in the mountaineering villages and experience a sustainable vacation with many authentic experiences!

Information about each location


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