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Wallfahrtskirche Maria Schnee Kalkstein

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The pilgrimage church Maria Schnee from the year 1660 is worth a trip in any weather.

Kalkstein, a hamlet of Innervillgraten, is located about 4 kilometres from the village of Innervillgraten. The pilgrimage church Maria Schnee was consecrated in 1875. Its exterior is, apart from a circumferential pedestal, without special structure. The registry is on the east side. The interior of the neo-Gothic building is characterised by a simple star-ribbed vault with pointed choir arch.
The village of Kalkstein has also become famous for being the shooting location for the film "Gewitter im Mai" by Ganghofer.

contact details
Tourismusinformation Innervillgraten
Gasse 78
9932 Innervillgraten


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