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Neue Sajathütte 2.600m


A castle in the mountains!

The old Sajathütte was distroyed in 2001 by an avalanche, the new hut was reopened after only one year. It offers comfy rooms and „Lager“-beds, 2 patios to enjoy the surrounding mauntains and an indoor climbing tower. Possibility of luggage-delivery and to rent the climbing-equipment.

Ascent: From parking area „Bodenalm“ along the Timmeltal about 2 ½ hrs, along Bichl Blumenweg

3 hrs, along Bichl Timmeltal 4 hrs, from Johannishütte via Kreuzspitze 4 hrs.

Huts nearby: Bodenalm 1 ½ hrs, Eisseehütte 2 ½ hrs, Bonn-Matreier-Hütte 4hrs

Tours: Rote Säule 2822 m along the via ferrata or along the normal ascent in 1 hrs,

Scherneskopf 3048 m 1 ½ hrs, Kreuzspitze 3164 m 2 hrs, Hinterer Sajatkopf 3098 m

3 hrs, Tulpspitze 3054 m, Zopetspitze 3198 m.


Cash payment and electronic purse.

contact details
Bichl 1c
9974 Prägraten a.G.

Expected to be open from mid-May to the end of October.


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