Essener-Rostocker Hütte

A beautiful view of the glaciers The Essener and Rostocker Hütte is a beautiful and an important starting point for the Venedigerhöhenweg and the Route Hoch Tirol (route high Tirol). The place offers a breathtaking panorama view of the three thousand meter high mountains. When you want to learn more about mountaineering and rockclimbing, an alpine course in the area of the Dreiherrn-,Simony- and Malhamspitze, the big Geiger, the Happ or the Maurerkeesköpfe is ideal. Which is why the Essener and Rostocker Hütte is perfect for people who are interested in taking courses. The hut will also be open for skiing tours from the beginning of March till the middle of May. Duration: From parking lot Ströden it is a 2 1/2 h walk, after 20 minutes there is a little cable car, which can transport your luggage for a small fee. Neighbouring huts: Kleine Philipp-Reuter-Hütte 5 h, Kursinher Hütte 5 1/2 h, Warnsdorfer Hütte 4 1/2 h, Clarahütte 5 h, Johannishütte 3 1/2 h Tours: Dreiherrnspitze 5 1/2 h, Simonyspitzen 3 1/2 h, Malhamspitzen 4 1/2 h, Quirl 4 h, Maurerseeköpfe 3 1/2 h, Großer Geiger 4 h, Großer Happ 3 1/2 h, Rostocker Eck 2 1/2 h, Hinterer Gubachspitz 3 1/2 h, Vorderer Gubachspitz 3 1/2 h Webcam:



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