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The season in Galitzenklamm gorge opens. But what exactly is the Galitzenklamm gorge, about which so much is talked about in East Tyrol? The reply is actually pretty simple – it is the adventure park on the Drau cycle trail. It might be better to say THE adventure park on the Drau cycle trail. That would describe it better. The season opens in May and then once again it’s all about going in, experiencing and learning what this water adventure park is all about.

A few key words describe the Galitzenklamm gorge water adventure park really very well indeed - exciting, fun, playful and sporty. You can have all that in Galitzenklamm gorge at once. You have the feeling that you are in a giant, spacious and adventurous park, which has one attraction after another. But actually is there? A water ‘show’ trail which is just teeming with spectacular bridges and steep cliff faces. The Galitzenbach river whooshes full of adventure and spectacularly into the valley. The Lienz Dolomites sit enthroned above it all. You can also observe the climbers from a safe distance.

When you have done enough watching, you can venture on to the via ferrata routes, which have something to offer every ability level – from easy to daring, that’s how the difficulty levels of the routes might be described, somewhat expertly but apt nonetheless. There is even a via ferrata route for families. Afterwards, after all the adventures and sensory stimuli, what about heading to a snack station? Or what about the big new water playground? It offers a great way for families with kids of all ages to spend an active and fun day outdoor. Here you'll find slides, climbing equipment, sand play areas, shallow splash areas, waterfalls, water play platforms, etc. It is left to the individual as how they put together and experience their day in the Galitzenklamm gorge. But thing is clear – you’ll definitely remember an excursion into the Galitzenklamm gorge for a long time to come…

Dogs are welcome at the water playground. However, dogs are not allowed at the water playground.

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Wassererlebnispark Galitzenklamm
Galitzenklamm 3
9908 Amlach


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