Organic farmstead

There is everything here for those who love organic, who want organic and who need organic. The farmers know exactly what being organic is all about and what. After all, they are running organic farms, are trained and are able to teach you a thing or two.

Above all however, organic is not just mere tradition, rather it is a way of life. And it always has been. Our chives are fresh from the garden in front of the farm building, our milk comes from the cows in the barn. You can see for yourself how the animals are fed. Or better still, give them some feed and keep them company. Then pick an apple and take a look in the garden and see how the tomatoes there are flourishing. Peel the potatoes yourself. The farmer’s wife might even show you the way to make real red currant jam. So it is the things which taste great. Whether in the field or open country. In the meadow or in the pastures. At the farm or away from the farm. 

It is here that you will do something for your body, spirit and soul. For organic means life itself.


Special features:

  • Sleep well in rooms which have predominantly have natural materials.
  • Enjoy a breakfast made from pure organic ingredients.
  • For your breakfast and meals hosts use predominantly organic foods from their farm or from the region.
  • Enjoy fresh organic produce from the farm shop or from neighbouring farms.
  • All the herbs and vegetables are grown on the farm in accordance with organic farming guidelines.
  • The farms are members of the established organic association.

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