Children’s farm

There is everything here for babies, children and parents - cots and high chairs, bouncy chars and baby phone, safety sockets, places to play, things to look at and above all else, things to experience. This all starts with the fact that the natural surroundings are quite simply real. Children get to feed the hens and milk the cows, stroke the cats and chase the dogs. There is much more than you would imagine.
Or maybe you could do just nothing. Just head out on a walk without uttering a word, heading across the pastures, holding hands. While daughters gather daisies and sons sit in a treehouse, mums get to read a book and dads get to gaze in wonder at the farmer’s new tractor. Yet it’s not all just like you might find in a children’s story book. The milk still comes from the cows in the sheds; this is a holiday where you get to see the inner workings and the littlest things have a huge role to play. At the barbecue in the evening it might well be the case that from the first bite into your ‘Knacker’ sausage and the second stanza of the old campfire song that it suddenly becomes clear that you have already experienced all this. Welcome back...

Special features

  • Enjoy the tranquil and easily accessible location of the farms together with your children.
  • Forget about any concerns you may have – ours farms have been inspected and are certified child-safe.
  • Travel with just a small amount of luggage – facilities which are suitable for babies­ and children such as cots, high chairs, baby phone, potty, safety sockets, children’s cutlery, changing table, bottle warmer and much more are provided.
  • In the farms you have the opportunity to prepare food for your children.
  • Your children will also be delighted with the playroom, the play area and even doing the laundry and ironing. There is also a play area which has at least four play facilities available for children (suitable for children aged between 0 and 12 years old).
  • Show your children the realm of the farm – there are lots of small animals for your children to pet and to learn about.

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