Holiday in the countryside

Holiday without cows and co
Sometimes happiness can be very simple…

A cultured landscape, fabulous accommodation, secluded spots, friends or family, culinary delicacies with healthy foods and friendly hosts. All of this coupled with traditions and customs and the way of life of the rural population comes together in the new offer “Holiday in the countryside” from the Austrian Farm Holiday Association.

This satisfies the new longing for the countryside. This offer is suitable for people who appreciate nature and a rural idyll but can do without cows and co. Country and holiday houses, farmhouses, estates, castles and farms without animal farming invite you to enjoy a romantic holiday and exude a unique residential feeling.

The motto of the new yearning for the countryside is: holiday in a typical regional ambience. Even if you are not staying directly at a farm, there is no shortage of tradition and customs. Cows don’t have to moo or horses neigh to experience enjoyable holidays in the country. The hosts are farmers who are cordial, down-to-earth and knowledgeable about the land and people – but animal farming is not in the foreground (anymore).

Even so there are many possibilities to experience the rural world as an onlooker – enjoy traditions and customs, a cultured landscape, healthy foodstuffs and exchanges with the rural population – that is what we call a “holiday in the country”.


The special features of a holiday in the countryside

A holiday in the countryside can be a multifaceted experience: on a farm that is no longer operated but is still practicing the rural traditions. In a country house with cosy, spacious apartments, a big garden and a family entourage. On an estate that conveys pure romance with a historic ambience and antique furniture. In a castle with historic roots where you can live like royalty. In a forester’s lodge that invites you to go on hunting and fishing trips on your own territory. At a farm that lies amidst orchards and vineyards or extensive meadows and offers special retreat oases.


Enjoy the cordial hospitality and the uncomplicated life in the countryside. The motto is to simply switch off – perhaps even your mobile phone!

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