„Griaß di“

In Osttirol the language is very personal. It isn’t long before guests are addressed in a less formal way and a „Griaß di“ will be one the first words a farmer utters to you.


This down-to-earth nature of farming families and life on the farm is something that you get to experience very quickly. Work on the farm really is very varied and you are in for lots of lovely surprises and priceless experiences!

Experience a farm stay with all your senses

On a „holiday on the farm“ you get to experience nature in all its beauty, with all your senses. To feel well-grounded you should enjoy the feel of the ground beneath your feet at least once. A tip – take off your shoes and socks and off you go – just walk barefoot across the pastures. And should you have a few nicks after some long walks over stick and stone then nature provides some immediate assistance. There are any amount of natural wound healing remedies which grow by the wayside. Just ask the farmer’s wife for some ribwort!

The soil – find out about the fertile farmland during a walk in the fields. The soil also has to be „fed“ so it stays nutrient-rich. To do this the farmer has to put manure, compost and also the slurry and liquid manure, that is, the animals excreted matter, back to the fields. This work starts in the spring, so the soil grows again, with plenty of nutrients.

Feed for the animals

After the ground has awakened from its winter slumber and the creatures get active again, the grass begins to grow too. Towards June the time has come for the first stage of work in the field. This is the start of an intensive period of work for the people on the farm. On sunny days people can be seem on the fields, throughout the country. It’s all hands on deck when it comes to working the hay. Guests can also chip in too – if they want. The cows, sheep and goats are mostly found on the alpine pastures in the summer, where they have a blissful time. No stress, just relaxation and contentment!

Precious things from the farmhouse garden

The farmer’s garden is full of good things. There are a variety of berries, herbs and salads. A real paradise for those who are self-catering and for gourmets alike.

Work in the barns

When the animals are in the barns over winter, that’s when the day-to-day work in the barns starts for farmers. Feeding, milking and mucking out are a feature of life on the farm and this is done at least twice a day. There is so much for children in particular to experience. One special experience is witnessing the birth of a calf. The best approach is to ask the farmer right at the start of your holiday whether this is due to happen when you are there. However, a farm is not a playground since animals are living creatures, with their own disposition and intent. So always ask the farmer if you want to see the animals.

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Along with the day-to-day work of the farmer, traditions and customs are also a feature of agricultural life.


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