Healthy farmstead

A holistic farm offer for body, spirit and soul. Health, vitality, fitness, take the pace down, simplicity, joie de vivre and witnessing the agricultural cycles are to the fore here. A holiday on the farm is all about slowing down the hectic pace of life for many guests. Yet in a healthy farmstead you will come across hosts who have clearly defined, professional focus within this topic area – that is they are experts in massage, herbs, Kneipp treatments and nutrition.
An appropriate agricultural ambience of well-being and of slowing down,­ inside and out – is a matter of course during a holiday on a healthy farmstead. You can of course also look forward to a great deal of regional, organic produce in these farmsteads. These are made on the farms themselves or are from the local area.
Feel invited to experience the day-to-day running of the farm and experience the annual, seasonal cycles and the advantages of having a sustainable farm.

A real holiday. A holiday on a healthy farmstead. The healthy range of offers available, is, in comparison to farms which specialise in other areas, really very extensive. For this reason, space is deliberately set aside for this specific purpose and the emphasis of health. Key legal matters are set out and attended to by the provider for the respective health offer (e.g. any requisite cooperation with doctors, and in terms of legal buildings and facilities, etc.).


Specific features:

  • Specific and clearly defined relaxation­ and well-being areas on the farm and in the surrounding area.
  • Particularly good bedrooms­ and sleep culture.
  • Specific attention is to be paid to the cleanliness, odours, light­ and colour schemes a well as natural materials throughout the farm area.
  • If catering is offered then it is to come predominantly from the farm itself or from regional produce or organic produce from local growers.
  • All-day tea bar with herbal and fruit teas, if possible using ingredients grown on the farm.
  • Leisure and health offers - e.g. fitness equipment, swimming area, Kneipp facilities, horse-riding options, hire bikes, tennis, badminton, volleyball, ...
  • Sauna or steam bath or infrared cabins with adjoining relaxation area
  • Relaxing library
  • Information diagram with specific information based around individual health offers.

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