Summer in Prägraten am Großvenediger

Mountaineering village on the south side of the Alps

The Virgental Valley in Osttirol is a worth seeing and adequate access for the mountaineering village of Prägraten a. G., which nestles into the mountains at the end of the valley. The rural structure and the exceptionally beautiful location at the end of the valley give the village at 1,309 m above sea level its distinctiveness, tranquility and calm. Prägraten is a National Park community. Prägraten a. G. contributes around 105 m² of area to the Hohe Tauern National Park. The 3,674 m high Großvenediger, the so-called "world-old majesty", is THE landmark and, along with the diverse flora and fauna, is one of thehighlights of the national park.


Prägraten a. G. is a mountaineering village in the middle of 75 three-thousand-meter peaks. Many of them are covered with glaciers and ice. Well-known, resounding names such as Großvenediger,Dreiherrenspitze, Großer Geiger, Östliche Simonyspitze, Rötspitze line up with true insider tips such as Hohes Kreuz, Rosenspitze, Ogasil or Quirl. Once you've been to the top of one of these peaks, you'll never get over the mountain fever.


Thundering waters


The landscape-forming effect ofwater power is very impressive at the Umbal Falls. The Isel falls with enormous force over successive steps. Over the millennia, rock material from the glaciers of the Umbalkees has abraded the rocky bedrock and thus cut the stream like a gorge. A wide variety of rock formations and steep cataracts have been created. The NaturKraftWeg Umbalfälle leads directly along the thundering falls and inspires with spectacular viewing platforms and informative panels. One of the most impressive natural spectacles of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Insider tip: The romantic approach by horse-drawn carriage from the Ströden parking lot.

Hiking in Prägraten a. G.

Wonderfully hikeable

Nine high mountain valleys, 20 refuges, 50 hiking and walking trails. These facts speak for themselves. And that you don't necessarily have to be a daredevil mountaineer to enjoy a vacation in Prägraten a. G.. There really is something for everyone. Pleasure hiking in its most beautiful form.

It is not often that a valley can be so beautifully and completely circumnavigated as the Virgental Valley. And always above the timberline. Between heaven and earth. The views are fantastic, the path is easy and there are no major climbs, and the huts are cozy and hospitable. In the north, the Venediger Altitude Trail, the Adlerweg and the Virgentaler Sonnseitenweg lead from Prägraten a. G. to Matrei i. O. and beyond. And in the south, the Lasörling Altitude Trail and the new beacon among the long-distance trails, the Iseltrail. Also new is the Hoch-Tirol-Trail from the South Tyrolean Ahrntal to Osttirol - a cross-border long-distance trail on historic paths.

Mountain biking

Step by step into the mountain kingdom

Not only hikers feel at home in Prägraten a. G., but also e-mountain bikers will find excellent routes in all levels of difficulty. Through shady forests, lush alpine meadows, past many natural and cultural attractions, everyone gets going. E-mountain bikers can pedal uphill on the many certified bike paths in the mountain world of Prägraten a. G.. The many huts invite you to stop and refuel, some of them even with their own e-charging station.


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