Cross-country skiing in Matrei in Osttirol

Close to heaven

A true winter paradise awaits cross-country skiing enthusiasts at the Matreier Tauernhaus, which is located directly at the entrance to the romantic valley Gschlösstal. The deep snow-covered landscape and the perfectly groomed trails, including the trails Tauernhausrunde, Moosrunde, Löppwaldrunde and Gschildalm, invite you to make your rounds in a decelerated, peaceful environment.


Matrei in Osttirol offers also another fantastic cross-country trail. The so-called "Dorfloipe Matrei in Osttirol", which - as the name suggests - is located directly in the village, was launched in the winter season 2020/21. This route is 4 km long and ideal for beginners as well as for advanced skiers, Furthermore the Dorfloipe is embedded in a wonderful winter landscape, surrounded by peaks such as the Großer Zunig and the Hinteregger Kogel.


The other valleys of the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Osttirol - Virgen, Prägraten am Großvenediger and Kals am Großglocker - also have great cross-country skiing trails. These places can be reached easily and comfortably with the bus (free use with the guest card).

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last snowfall: 17.04.2024
country skiing
🅇 Prägraten a. G.: Blusenrunde (beleuchtet)
🅇 Prägraten a. G. Bobojachloipe
🅇 Virgen: Habererfeldloipe
🅇 Prägraten a. G.: Iselloipe
🅇 Virgen: Iselloipe
🅇 Matrei i. O.: Loipe Gschildalm
🅇 Prägraten a. G.: Unterfeldloipe
🅇 Matrei i. O.: Löppwaldrunde
🅇 Matrei i. O.: Moosrunde
🅇 Kals a. G.: Panoramaloipe
🅇 Prägraten a. G.: Panoramaloipe Ströden
🅇 Kals a. G.: Promenadenloipe
🅇 Kals a. G.: Romantikloipe
🅇 Kals a. G.: Sonnenloipe
🅇 Virgen: Sportloipe
🅇 Kals a. G.: Talblickloipe
🅇 Matrei i. O.: Tauernhausrunde
🅇 Kals a. G.: Tauernloipe
🅇 Kals a. G: Übungsloipe
🅇 Virgen: Übungsloipe
🅇 Prägraten a. G.: Verbindung Panoramaloipe - Ströden
🅇 Matrei i. O.: Dorfloipe
sledge slopes
🅂 Kals a. G.: Dorferfelder
🅂 Kals a. G.: Fallwindes (beleuchtet)
🅂 Kals a. G.: GG-Resort
🅂 Virgen: Würfelehütte (beleuchtet)

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