Icepark Osttirol

The perfect spot for your winter adventure

The search for the perfect location lasted a full year, and it was found just a 20 minute walk from the far side of Matreier Tauernhaus. When they are prepared, the artificial ice falls, created by fine mist from conduits, provide a frozen wall with some 80 routes in a very compact space. It is the ice assuredness in Eispark Osttirol that makes it stand out from similar projects. It can even be climbed in winters that are not so cold – something that Vittorio Messini and Mathias Wurzer from Kals mountain guides attest.

Ascent: Starting from Matreier Tauernhaus the ascent proceeds to Eispark Osttirol via Innergschlöß forest path, then branches off to the left to Wohlgemutalm. Follow the slope to the right and you will finally reach the entrance of the Gschlößklamm via an extensive gravel area. Tauernbach is crossed here via a small pedestrian bridge and it is then a 20 minute walk to the base of Eispark Osttirol. (Avalanche transceiver recommended)

Descent: Abseil via the constructed rock sections.

Material: Ice and mixed facilities, 70 metre single rope and 60 metre double rope


For ice climbing in the ice climbing park Osttirol a reservation must be made: https://reservation.eispark-osttirol.com

state: closed

Eispark Osttirol

number of routes

Icepark Osttirol

The perfect location for your winter adventure!


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