Alpine passes and important transport routes in and around Osttirol

You are surrounded by fabulous panoramic mountain views as you wind your way higher and higher. When even the journey to your destination becomes an adventure in itself, you’re probably travelling on one of the mountain pass roads around Osttirol. Here are the best Alpine passes near Osttirol, along with links to other important transport routes.

Felbertauern Road

No traffic jams, convenient, and with stunning views as part of your journey. The road really is the destination!

Obersee Staller Sattel
Staller Saddle

You can cross to the Antholz valley between one minute past and 15 minutes past every hour, while the crossing from Italy to Austria is open from 30 minutes to 45 minutes past the hour.

Kartitsch Saddle

The Kartitsch Saddle links the villages of Kartitsch and Obertilliach via the B111.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

What used to be the preserve of experienced mountaineers has become an exciting experience for all ages with the opening of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

Plöcken Pass

The Plöcken Pass, or Passo di Monte Croce Carnico in Italian, is a 37km mountain pass in the Carnic Alps. The road has no toll, and its highest point is 1,357 metres.

Thurn Pass

The Thurn Pass is a 1,274 metre high mountain pass that links the Tyrol region with Salzburg. If you’re approaching Osttirol from the north, this pass is likely to be on your route.

Brenner Pass

The Brenner Pass, which is accessed via the Brenner motorway (A13), is one of the most important transit routes between southern and northern Europe.

Kreuzberg Pass

The Kreuzberg Pass is an Alpine pass between South Tyrol and Veneto. It links the Sexten valley and Cadore.


Cross the Alps without traffic jams, with the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) shuttle service for cars.

Tauern Autobahn (A10)

The Tauern Autobahn (A10) is an important north-to-south motorway in Austria, linking the West Autobahn in Salzburg with the Süd Autobahn in Villach via the Tauern mountains. At Villach, the A10 merges with the Karawanken Autobahn.

Gerlos Pass

The Gerlos Alpine Road links Tyrol with Salzburg.

Passo Tre Croci

Passo Tre Croci is a mountain pass in the Sexten Dolomites. It links Cortina d’Ampezzo to the road between Auronzo di Cadore and Toblach.

Furkel Pass

Furkel Pass, also called Furkel Saddle or simply Furkel, links the Italian villages of Olang in the Puster valley and St. Vigil in Enneberg.