Kals children nature discovery trail

The most important at a glance

4.3 km
altitude meters uphill
130 m
altitude meters downhill
123 m
walking time uphill
45 min
walking time downhill
45 min
total walking time
1:30 h
highest point
1491 m
starting point:
Kals Großdorf
destination point:
Kals Taurerwirt


Bus stop
Kals a. G. Großdorf
Car park
Car park Großdorf

altitude profile

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Interactive map

Current weather conditions


The theme trail takes you from the Kalser district of Großdorf along the Kalser stream to Taurer. Animal figures and information boards on the compelling discovery trail invite you to play, discover and work creatively with nature. Where do badgers live, what do I hear in the forest, how do wildlife survive the winter and much more information can be found on the information boards. Exploring nature in a fun way. Bubu the eagle owl accompanies the visitors and tells them many interesting facts about nature and culture in and around Kals am Großglockner at the seven stops.


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